Middio.com – product of the “create” generation

Even though I have yet to meet Jeff Jarvis in personal, at this moment, I feel like calling myself a friend of the proud father of Jake Jarvis – creator of Middio.com. Here is an excerpt from the short and clean FAQ,

What is Middio?
Launched in mid-2007, Middio makes an effort of properly tagging the most popular music videos uploaded by members to YouTube.com. Although the music videos are hosted by YouTube.com, they can be searched for and watched on Middio without ads.

No ads? There must be a catch…
We believe that only the artists producing the music should be the ones making money from pages featuring their videos. [K: Watch out YouTube.] Ads might begin appearing in the near future on search result pages only. [K: Clear and straight forward.]

Jake and his generation (and hopefully older generation like those in the 20s and 30s) are not waiting around for others to create stuff for them to use. We now have sets of powerful tools to build many things quickly and efficiently. I think we may have hit another Strategic Inflection Point. Even though I am not as agile as Jake and his generation, but I think there are more opportunities laying around even for old-farts like me. Will see.

I am a fan of Dido, and here is a Middio search result of Dido’s Here with me. Clean and beautiful.

By the way, I would love to see Middio include the Alanis Morissette‘s version of “My Humps”. And here is Morissette’s sharp and playful “fingers in some rappers‘ eyes” version of “My Humps”. Warning: suggestive content.


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