Meeting Wong Yuk Man (黃毓民) in Calgary

It was my great pleasure to meet Wong Yuk Man (黃毓民) in Calgary yesterday. He arrived really late at 1am Calgary time Sunday morning after doing one last radio show (he appeared on many) in Vancouver.

Not to my surprise, Yuk Man, (everyone calls him 毓民 (Yuk Man)), is reflective and calm up close and in person. Just like my experience with Long Hair (Leung Kwok-hung, see my documentary about Long Hair), I strongly feel both have the ability to think and reason clearly and logically far away from the bright lights of TV camera or mics.

There are things that Yuk Man and I disagree on (e.g. on the politicial strategy of the HK Democratic Party, the usefulness of having the fake Chief Executive election that Hong Kong just had, etc.) but I do sense his strong desire to help make Hong Kong and China a better place to live for everyone. As he said in his talk, there are currently no laws on the books in Hong Kong to protect people with different sexual orientation, people that are old, even people that are sick. If we had more time, I might have talked to Yuk Man about the Canadian model, in particular section 15 of our Charter plus the recent advancements in extending the original list of protected grounds under s. 15 by the Supreme Court of Canada.

To some in Hong Kong, the mad dog and crazy extremist image of Yuk Man might have been to strong to see pass past. To me, with one day of up close and personal observation, Yuk Man may not be as mad nor crazy as some might think. (smile)
Here is my chat (in English) with Mr. Wong Yuk Man (黃毓民) in Calgary

Here is a search for all YouTube videos of Yuk Man in Calgary.

Here is Yuk Man’s political stand up comedy in Calgary (the first 10 minutes)

Here is a search for all Google Videos of Yuk Man in Calgary.

Update: As requested by Yuk Man and to be fair to the standup comedy audiences, I have removed the 46 minutes long Stand up comedy clip and use a 10 minutes teaser trailer instead. The show is really funny and sharp.

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