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I’ve been writing a Chinese column about “user generated media” (自製傳媒) for a local Calgary newspaper since last December. For the May issue, I talk about Wikipedia (維基百科). It is written for the general audience. If you can read Chinese, I hope you will enjoy it.


Wikipedia 維基百科
大英百科全書(Encyclopedia Britannica) 相信大家都聽過,亦知道它的權威地位。那你有聽過維基百科 (Wikipedia)是甚麼呢?它就是現時在網上最常用的百科全書。


我認為維基百科最成功的地方是它是一本「人人可編輯」的百科全書。「人人可編輯」? 初初聽下來會覺得不可想像!這跟像小學生都可以任意地改寫他們的教科書或大學課本有分別嗎?其實某些維基文章是經常被沒有公德心的人去破壞的,但亦有一些 有心的維基愛好者去幫它義務清理不同的破壞。例如現任美國總統 Bush 的百科文章便常被破壞了。


維基百科有五個支柱 (Five Pillars)。其中之一是文章的中立性 (Neutral Point of View),百科文章中常有些有爭議性的題目,而維基的編輯是不應幫任何一方而丟失維基的中立性。另一個支持是維基的內容是全免費的,任何人只要達到維基 的基本要求,便可以用維基的內容,甚至是用來寫一部新的維基相類似的百科全書。

有時間的話,讀者何不到維基網址 (英文版) http.// 或 (中文版) 看看或改進一兩篇文章呢?


2 Responses to Wikipedia 維基百科

  1. Mark says:

    This is really interesting to me. I had no idea you could write Chinese. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you learn? Your use of 有 as a past tense marker in “你有聽過” seems very Taiwanese, but on the other hand, Taiwanese nearly always say 兩百 instead of 二百. Sorry if it’s off-topic. I’m a language geek, and I can’t help but ask.

    BTW, for the disputed topics, Wiki just explains that there is a dispute, and cites examples of it.
    Hi Mark,

    Well, I can write Chinese indeed but I only started writing long Chinese article again recently. I used to edit my University’s Chinese newspaper. Which shows how much my Chinese has deteriorated by lack of use.

    Anyway, my article is meant for the general audiences and I do try my best (but not always successful) in shedding light on a new topics that is less well known to the local readers of our little Chinese newspaper.

    Now, I started posting the articles recently to try to get the maximum bang for the bug.

    Lastly, sorry that I am not much of a language geek and I do used the wrong Chinese words sometime. For me, my kick and main fun was in sharing my insight in the main areas and not quite getting every words right. I hope you are not trying to learn Chinese by reading my Chinese articles. There are many better authors to learn Chinese from.

    I do hope you had some fun and gained some insight on the subject matters by reading my Chinese articles.

    Best Regards,

  2. Mark says:

    I’m in Taiwan myself, so I’m certainly not going to complain about your “wrong” use of 有. Pretty much anybody who speaks 閩南話 (which is about everyone in Taiwan) talks that way. I was just trying to see where you were from.

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