New Fashion File Host

Hello Adrian Mainella,

Just want to wish you all the best in becoming the new host of Fashion File.

I have been quite harsh on the whole CBC Fashion File Host Hunt thing (can I use the word “hate”?) and thought it had damaged the brand (and Lovemark) that is Fashion File – one built by the hard work, style, and insights of Tim Blanks. Tim’s  fashion senses and journalistic integrity are legendary (see great Ryerson Review of Journalism article). Adrian, these are big shoes for you to fill.

But since I am still quite addicted to fashions and I want to see you do a great job. So allow me to wish you all the best and success in hosting Fashion File. And I hope you can download as much knowledge from Tim as you can. And consult with him when necessary. But after a while, it will be your show ! I know, the pressure is on! (smile)

Congratulations again on winning the host job. The hard work has just begun. And I wish you all the best in this wonderful journey.

Fashion File Addict,

3 Responses to New Fashion File Host

  1. […] on George is no exception. If you want to read more of their work, here is another interesting Ryerson piece about fashion reporting that I previously linked […]

  2. Hi!! I just came across this entry in your blog and I figured you’d be one of very few people who can answer my question. Do you know the name of the song for the opening theme on Fashion File? I think they might have changed it after Tim left but I’m talking about old school Fashion File. Circa ’96. This is driving me up the wall! lol. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  3. kempton says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I love Tim’s Fashion File but, unfortunately, sorry I have no idea what the opening theme song was.

    Thinking about it, I miss watching Fashion File. Ah, those were the good old days.

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