Egging Chairman Mao


The following is an excerpt from the introduction for my work-in-progress documentary series Egging Chairman Mao,

The life of 43 years old Lu Decheng (魯德成), a Chinese truck driver, was changed forever 18 years ago on 23rd May, 1989 when he and two friends (Yu Dongyue (喻東嶽) and Yu Zijian (余志堅)) threw paint-filled eggs on the portrait of Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao) that hangs over Tiananmen Square in Beijing days before the shockingly sad events. For this act of defiance, Lu was sentenced to 16 years in prison on the charge of counterrevolutionary sabotage and incitement. His two other friends, Yu Dongyue and Yu Zijian (unrelated), were sentenced to 20 years and life in prison respectively.

Following is part 1 of a series of raw and direct short video (on Google). The CBC news clip on YouTube that Lu watched was in English. The interview dialogue with Lu was in Mandarin.

You can also find the YouTube versions here in two parts (broken into two because of YouTube’s 10 minutes per clip limit).

Egging Chairman Mao 以卵擊毛 – Part 1 (a)

Egging Chairman Mao 以卵擊毛 – Part 1 (b)

Aug 11th, 2015 update: replaced broken Google video link with working YouTube video links.


One Response to Egging Chairman Mao

  1. aL says:

    Nice work, seems like it’s going to come out rather interesting. I look forward to reading the rest if you ever decide to post the whole thing out.
    Hi aL,

    Thanks for your interest. Please keep on checking. I will be posting more video and stuff in a work-in-progress manner.


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