Chocolate & Lexus

I’ve wanted to directly link to The Science of Desire – Chocolate (a mini documentary about Chocolate that works as an ad for Lexus) since last Sept 2006. Now, Kevin has kindly provided a link to the video The Science of Desire – Chocolate in his blog. Warning: For the chocolate lovers out there, you may to find some chocolate to eat after you watch the charming and wonderful Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini talking about chocolate. I wish all ads are made like this. (smile)

Speaking about Lexus. I have got a Lexus puzzle bugging me since Jan 2004. I saw the following cool Lexus in Japan in Jan 2004 which was not supposed to be launched in Japan until 2005 according to Wikipedia. I have got my theory (see description), what is yours? Do you have any insights to help me solve my Lexus puzzle?

cool Lexus in Japan

By the way, I haven’t tried Monsieur Marcolini’s chocolate yet. My personal Lovemarks in chocolate are See’s Candies (my childhood favourite) and Bernard Callebaut by the award winning Belgium chocolatier (“a mischievous boy“) living and headquartered in Calgary. I once bought a small bag of Bernard Callebaut chocolate to share with my better half. Ah, when I got home, I think I only left one or two to her. I don’t think I mentioned there was a bag of them. (smile)


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  1. […] it is not quite in the class of “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence“. And I think even my beloved Lexus is not quite in the same class as Yung Kee’s “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence“. […]

  2. […] Callebaut is a loved brand/Lovemark of mine. I wrote this in 2006, and here is an excerpt from a 2007 article, My personal Lovemarks in chocolate are See’s Candies (my childhood favourite) and Bernard […]

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