Lovemarks Effect from Kevin Roberts

I was welcoming Kevin Roberts to the blogosphere just the other day. And today, he blogged about his talk at Google last October on Lovemarks. Just some brief comments,

  • Love those Toyota ads. And most ads shown during the talk. Great stuff.
  • Attention Economy ==> Attraction Economy
  • That ad about sniffing coke should be shown here in North America too
  • That stop drinking and driving ad – powerful and pushing the boundary.
  • Kevin may not be the most dynamic speaker around but his insights are definitely deep and worth your time in watching.
  • Co-opetition is the new goal, right?”
  • Don’t give what your customers ask for. Give them what they never dream of.
  • I hope you will enjoy this wonderful talk.
  • Note: I am sure Kevin has given parts of this speech many times so at places it does seem he might be on auto-pilot a little bit. But this is still a great video and I highly recommended it if you play in or care about this space.

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