Xplornet experience in Calgary (or Canada) please

I am trying to help a friend here in Calgary. My 80+ years young friend is quickly running out of options as his former ISP dropped him due to lack of direct wireless coverage in his area. My friend is now forced to look up to the birds/sky (aka internet via satellite).

So do you or your friends have any experience with Xplornet satellite internet service in Calgary (or Canada)? My friend is thinking of going for the $55 per month basic KaZam plan.

I have read some bad reviews and some think the services are ok. I would love to get in touch with someone with first hand or friends’ experiences. Please leave me a comment with your email address. You help is very much appreciated by me and my 80+ years young friend.


Oct 3, 2007 Update: For my friend’s area, he is covered by Davinci Broadband, a high speed internet service in Calgary. Although there are still some room for improvements at Davinci, my friend is reasonably happy with their services. I blogged about it here in this entry.


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  1. Tom West says:

    Hi Kempton,

    I also found these services in Calgary:


    I will comment again if I find out anymore.

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks a lot, I will check them out. Have you used either of these services or heard of any experiences (good or bad) with them?


  2. ray says:


    Check out why you don’t want the hassles.
    There is no “minimum bandwidth” regulation in Canada..So you will get taken advantage of..
    Hi Ray,

    I went to your forum and read some of the postings. This post from a user written on Apr 2, 20007 made me had second thought of letting my friend try the Xplornet service. I hope you don’t mind me reposting the entry post for the record.

    Thanks for sharing your bad experience so that others won’t have to suffer the same problems that you experienced. I hope yours and your forum’s members’ assessments are fair and balanced but I of course have no way of verifying that. So readers beware.


    A posting in Ray’s forum:

    hillbilly: Junior Member
    Join Date: Apr 2007
    Location: Central BC
    Posts: 5

    It’s unfortunate that anyone has to resort to this measure to try and make themselves heard. But it is testemony to the fact that many Xplornet customers are unhappy. I, myself am one of those unhappy customers. Though my experience with Xplornet isn’t as bad as some I’ve read, both here and at other sites, it still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    I live in BC where there is no alternative but Xplornet if you’re looking for broadband internet. When I started everything was great, from the install by a seasoned and attentive installer, to the signal and speeds I was getting. The key words being ‘was getting’. It seems that shortly after the expiration of my initial ‘refund trial’ during which I was always gettting full speed, (1 MB) down and often more than the 256 up, I was quickly relegated to a paltry 50% of those numbers.

    I should be clearer though. I still always (at least 95% of the time) have full speeds up until about 8 – 9 am. After which it gets progressively worse as the day goes on until it reaches about 200 – 400 Kb/s after 3 – 4 pm right up until midnight. It was obvious to me that as the demand for bandwidth increases, the user gets throttled down in direct proportion (this was later confirmed from tech support when I called). I don’t download a lot, or use p2p, and haven’t been fapped, but i still suffer because Xplornet can’t supply the bandwith.

    After calling them and discussing the problem and doing the tests on their anikast site, I learned that telsat (the actually bandwidth provider, Xplornet just resells the service) feels that if you are getting 40% of the package you pay for, it’s good enough. This was a very dissapointing revelation. I know that there is no guarantee of download speed in the contract, but never in all my years have I come across any situation where 40% would be a considered a passing grade!

    Shame on you Xplornet for advertising speeds ‘up to xxxkb/s’ when you know full well that you can’t consistantly deliver even 1/2 of that.

    Shame on you Xplornet for dangling the bandwidth carrot in front of me for the ‘trial refund month’ and then throttling me back only after it’s too late to jump ship.

    Shame on you Xplornet for continuing to recruit new customers into an already congested network knowing full well that each and every one only adds to the existing problem.

    How can you do this and not be embarrased?

    I’m on the hook because it’s still better than dial-up, but it erks me to no end that I know I’m getting ripped off and can’t do anything about it.

  3. Wilky says:

    Just got xplornet in Dec.2006. Finally got rid of sympatico SLOW speed dial up after 2 years of waiting for DSL or something better than 28.8 dial up. The satellite earth station was installed about a mile from here at a local IGA store in the country because they have a gen set with backup power. The earth station tower is only about 68 feet high and they put a 900 mhz dish at the house on my 40 foot tower.

    I pay $30 a month for the slowest connection (works out to about 43 megs download per hour) or about 6-7 times faster than my old dial up. I’m not a big time surfer so It’s fine for me.

    Hope this helps I’m in a small comunity just 3 miles from the city of Belleville, On.
    Hi Wilky,

    Thanks a lot for the help. So you had it for four months already and still haven’t gotten any slow down so that was good news. But I have a long chat with my friend and he decided not to risk it as the previous commentator’s horror stories really put my friend off. The idea of giving a guarantee and then reduce the speed (down to just 40%) after the trail period seems to me and him a dishonest business practice.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  4. Jean Bowers says:

    I am living in a small town in Newfoundland,where there is only dial up and will probably never be any high speed,we don”t even have cable tv.So we heard of this wonderful dish call xplornet,thought is all sounded good with all the questions we have asked decided to get it installed,well this is our second day and it SUCKS BIG TIME!!!It is a rip of,they even tried to say we were downloading things when my pc was shut down,and we weren’t even out of bed when they accussed us.They even said someone was sitting out outside our house with a lap top because we had a routher stealing our internet(what a joke),we are the only people in this community that has this dish,and if it don’t inprove in one week,we are getting rid of it before our 30 day money back guarantee is out..and by the way it looks the dish will be going.We have spend hours on the phone with them and all they do is make up excuses.Everything Hillbilly said is TRUE,we are having the axact same problems.So i would suggest if anyone is going to get xplornet they would do some net searching before they make a mistake like we did and many more.As far as we are concerned,this is a rip off and it is also false advertisement .I think it is time for xplornet to be honest and upfront with the services they offer,and to stop ripping people off.Love to hear a reply back from anyone who has had the same problem and how it was resolved.Thanks Jean and Mike
    A Very Unhappy Xplornet Consumer
    Hello Jean,

    Thanks for your feedback. As my friend finally went with a earth based wireless company, we never got around to try Xplornet. And reading your negative experiences, I am so glad that we didn’t got with Xplornet.


  5. james says:

    we have been on this service for over a year and thought at first it was the cat’s ass but have discovered loss of bw as well-the canadian communications ripoff continues-no care people running amok
    Hi James,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ve read some bad reviews of them also.


  6. Paul Dafoe says:

    I had Xplornet satellite service installed May 30. It is now August 7. That’s over 2 months. From day 1, I have been getting “hang-ups”. This can happen when looking at Ontario Wildflowers, receiving an E-mail, downloading a program update, accessing banking or other secure sites. The installer was here last week and duplicated the “hang-ups” on his laptop, so the problem is not my computer. I later spent 2 hours on the phone with Xplornet Tech Support, who tried various things, with no improvement. I requested Xplornet to give a work order to the installer so the installer could swap out the modem, but so far, they have refused to consider that option.

    I went with Xplornet on the recommendation of a friend, who has the satellite service and likes it very well. I also checked with a computer servicer who knows 7 or 8 people with the satellite service, and he has heard no complaints. This would suggest that my problem is probably related specifically to my modem or dish pickup, rather than the service in general.

    I have had to retain my dial up ISP in order to access my bank and Mutual Fund accounts, download program updates (the last one 32 mb for Acrobat 8), and at times get my E-mails in a timely fashion.
    Hi Paul,

    So sorry to hear the problems you are experiencing with Xplornet. I am so glad that my friend didn’t go with it.

    Any way, my experiences with customer services is that sometimes you have to be polite but being really firm at the same time. If you have a suspected solutions, there is no point wasting your time (and actually their time too) in not getting the hardware exchanged. So talk to the customer support, if you don’t get what you want, talk to their supervisor, manger of the support centre if needed. Ultimately, your last “stick” may be to tell them that you may cancel the service as you have a three months trial period.

    Of course, if you cancel, I hope there is an alternative.

    Best of luck,

  7. noreen says:

    Having read the reviews I am probably more confused. We live in an area where the trees are high and lots. We can access Star choice but only on one satellite when the dish is supposed to pick up two. You say your friend got an earth based wireless. What does that mean?
    Any information I get would be greatly appreciated as I live outside Mission BC and my daughter lives in Calgary and the internet at home would be great. I now go into town and access a land line for dial up as we are on an analog phone and it is impossible to get online.

  8. kempton says:

    Hi noreen,

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you with the term “earth based wireless”. By it, I simply means company like Davinci Broadband http://www.davincibb.net/ . Companies like Davinci serves areas that are outside of regular internet coverage. These companies provide internet connections to people by setting up their own large transmission tower and then attaching a data receiving and sending dish on top of your home.

    Now, depends on the technology used (e.g 2.4 GHz technology, I think), they may not have good ability to penetrate “lots of trees”.

    I think you need to find your local “Davinci like” provider and see if their signal can get to you.

    Hope this help,

  9. Tym says:

    Does anyone know of a company like DaVinci that provides wireless internet in Northeastern Ontario region?

  10. kempton says:

    Hi Tym,

    Sorry, I can’t help you on this. I hope other readers of this entry will post something that helps. At the same time, you can google around and see if you can find similar services.

    Now, not that I am recommending Xplornet in any way, shape, or form, but you may want to look up your local phone book and see who is your local installer of Xplornet and then ask them if they have alternate services like DaVinci.

    Good luck,

  11. Carol says:

    My sister who lives outside of Caroline, Alberta has had this service since December, 2006 and loves it. She had dial-up before and says this is so much better. She also lives surrounded by very tall spruce trees and is able to get the signal just fine (they only had to cut a few limbs-haha). Good luck. Carol Hamm

  12. kempton says:

    Hi Carol,

    By “this service”, do you mean Xplornet? If so, it is good to hear your sister has some good experience with them.


  13. Julian says:

    My location: SW of Calgary (could get DaVinci wireless, could get Xplornet, currently using dialup)

    So Kempton, I understand that your friend didnt go with Xplornet due to the horror-stories. Did your friend go with DaVinci (who use Motorola radio gear I believe) – and if so what experience have they had? Do they achieve good min. bandwidth, especially during ‘peak’ afternoon/evening hours ? (I don’t think DaVinci offer a minimum bandwidth guarantee either).

    I have a neighbour who recently signed with Xplornet and I have recommended they use a bandwidth test service daily and keep logs etc, and prepare to hand it back before the Xplornet 30day money-back guarantee expires if necessary…I’m concerned to hear some people suffer slowdown only after the trial period….

    As I am trying to decide between DaVinci and Xplornet I’d be very interested in your friend’s DaVinci experience.

  14. kempton says:

    Hi Julian,

    My friend went with DaVinci at the end and is reasonably happy with them. DaVinci tried their best to get him good coverage when he had some initial problems (signal interference with trees). The problem went away after they changed his setup to 900MHz (and slightly slower) technology.

    I don’t know if they’ve changed this, but I think you are not tied down to DaVinci if you go with them (month to month). So this is one way to ensure their services are consistent (as you can always get out). And when I last looked at this in March 2007, I remember they have a fair policy in handling the equipment return and pay back of installation charges if you do decide to leave them for quality of service reason.

    So, my vote is DaVinci. Their tech help line is reasonably helpful but my friend did have trouble getting his calls returned in a few cases. So they are not perfect but still pretty good.

    Please share your experience here if and when you have good or bad stories to tell.

    Best of luck,

  15. marcy says:

    hi, i live in misison bc and was wondering if anyone has this service here or knows of another one..lol..i am tired of dial up, i spend alot more time on the computer than i should.. thank you

  16. kempton says:

    Hi Marcy,

    Best of luck in finding something with better speed in Mission BC. You may want to talk to your local high speed satellite installers just to see if they know of any other options available.

    – K

  17. Mike says:

    I too am having troubles with Xplornet. Have used them for 2 years. Speeds were fine for the first 18 months but now the speed is 14% of the maximum for the package I am paying for. I get mostly 420kbps when I am paying for the 3.0 mbps package. Xplornet has been trying (slowly) to fix the problem. I had a field tech come out and put a new receiver on the house. I was not home (wife was) at the time. Not sure what he thought he fixed but there was no improvement at all. Xplornet has credited me 2 months ($54 per month) for the trouble but did stress it was a one time offer. I live in a highly populated acreage area near Stony Plain Alberta so I am guessing the bandwith is just not enough to service everyone. Think I will start shopping for another wireless provider. Problem is … will any other company be any better?

  18. kempton says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Yeah, sometimes there are alternatives that work and are better. In the case of my friend, he is reasonably happy with Davinci Broadband http://www.davincibb.net/ even it is not perfect.

  19. Faron says:

    I signed a 3 yaer contract with them, gave them a void check and was told there would be no charge for the install pluss the installer told me that I would have 3 meg service on my dish. I do not know much about computers and was taken advantage of by installer and xplornet. The installer charged my wife over $600 dollars for the install on her credit card and then a while later xplornet decided to go into my bank account about 8 times and stole my money 3 times in one day. My storie gets a lot worse but I do not have the space to explain. DO NOT USE THEM THEY NEED TO BE SUED THEY ARE CROOKS BEYOND BELIEF. please feel free to contact me by e-mail if you want to know more. Thanks from one very madd as hell customer.

  20. kempton says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Now, $600 for installation sounds reasonable but the unauthorized withdraws (by your installer and Xplornet) are simply wrong. I suppose you’ve tried talking to Xplornet customer services but without much effect. I haven’t dealt with their CS much but they seemed nice the few times I talked to them.

  21. Faron says:

    Update, after spending all day on the phone and computer as of this morning i have had several people from the company call me back and they have made an honest attempt to make things right.The unfortunate thing is I had to do some major research and ended up finding out who there investors were out of New York City, I then had to phone them and that got things rolling very fast. I only hope that in the future there customer service people and installers honor there words. Hopefully my nightmare is over.

  22. kempton says:

    Hi Faron,

    Thanks for your update. Good to hear you cleared up your problems with the installers and the company. It is unfortunate that you had to spend so much time in chasing different people but at least you get it resolved.

    I hop the companies really learn from customers’ complains like yours as it makes sense for the customer services people (or their managers) to do things right the first time around. Bad services and experiences from people now have many outlets and people will talk, especially when we are unhappy.

  23. MMcg says:

    Xplornet have taken the liberty of numerous of unauthorized withdrawals to my accounts. One time I didn’t even no what a/c they were withdrawing from and they over-drafted my a/c costing me hundreds. Between 5 to 11 p.m. MT the network is so congested my internet won’t even work. I thought all this was normal until this forum. Be careful what card you pay them with. They’ll keep a record of it and if your at all late they will charge that card #. Horrible, this will not stand…. stay tuned for updates

  24. kempton says:

    Hi MMcg,

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope they will at least reverse the unauthorized charges.

    If you don’t mind sharing, where about do you access Xplorenet from? And are you able to find a better alternative?


  25. randy says:


  26. kempton says:

    Hi Randy,

    Wow, you are not happy with Explorenet (to put it mildly), Thanks for sharing so others know about this company.


  27. Aubrey says:

    I have been reading all those negative comments against Xplornet and frankly I have to disagree. I had two systems set up, one in Quebec and one in Calgary and I was quite satisfied with the service.The savings on long distance alone paid for it.
    Myself and my wife were online 24hrs a day,the computers were never turned off. I haven’t used it for more than a year now but unless they’ve changed ,it is a good service, a little expensive,but good.But when you’re in the boonies what the hell.

  28. kempton says:

    Hi Aubrey,

    Thanks for your positive experiences about Xplornet.

    I welcome both positive and negative experiences. This way, people can get a sense of what the services are like.

    Thanks for taking time to write,

  29. Brian says:

    Please, please do not go with xplornet. It is a total rip off. I’am from the same area as Faron and have had nothing but truble from day one. I payed 140$ a month and only got 400-900 mbps and it should be 1500mbps. They will not due anything and says it works like it should. I asked for a refund and that was not a option since ” it works like it should” I also have a Bell air card with a max speed of 500-700 kbps and it is way faster. That i also told them and the response was that there is something wrong with my comp. I’am going over seas for 2 weeks now but when i get back i will take the system down my self and bring it back to the installer, they get 1 day to refund the money or both xplornet and the installer goes to Better Business Bureau, where xplornet allready have 36 cases. Brian.

  30. kempton says:

    Thanks for your feedback Brian. Sadly, I was not surprised of what you said.


  31. charlotte says:

    Hi everyone. I have just had the worst 2 months with explornet. I cant tell you how the speeds were because I never actually got it installed–but im still paying for it until we get the agreements back onto the person I supposedly took it over for. Anyways, couple weeks ago I dug and dug and finally found the perfect solution to “RURAL HIGH SPEED” through Bell mobility. I absolutely love it–after 7 years of dial up and the absolute hell I went through and am still going through with xplornet. I just want to be DONE with xplornet forever. Living in the country has its drawback of no high speed (Telus-Shaw- etc.) but now that I found Bell I am having way too much fun-I just need more time to play on here. I live in Alberta and some things are limited for country life.

  32. kempton says:

    Hi charlotte,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your good (with Bell) and bad (with explornet) experiences with others here. Enjoy high speed surfing! I don’t think I can live without high speed anymore. (smile)

    Best Regards,

  33. Fran says:

    To Marcy in Mission,

    We live near Mission and use Xplornet. We have no other highspeed alternative where we are so Xplornet is a lot better than dial-up but having said that I would switch out to Telus or Shaw if given the chance. We’ve used Xplornet for a couple of years and I’ve noticed a drop in the service in the lat few months. I recently wanted to check out WOW and it took a lot longer than it should have to download the necessary software. Kinda fed up but also stuck for an alternative.

  34. kempton says:

    Hi Fran,

    Thanks for helping. I have forwarded your message to Marcy in Mission.


  35. marcy says:

    Hello :) i found some high speed and its awesome….:) it is through bell mobility(telus has the same thing but they are more expensive)
    It is WI FI i think it cost 50 dollars for the card and it is 75$ a month unlimited and it is a card that i have inserted in my labtop. It is so nice that i can take my labtop anywhere there is cell phone service and use it for free. i live on the outskirts of mission and it even works anywhere in my house. i am using my labtop in new westminister right now on the same card for the 75$ a month unlimited. They said they also have a service for desktop computers :)
    Any questions give me an email

  36. kempton says:

    Thanks is wonderful Marcy. Thanks for sharing your experience in mission and get back to us.


  37. saskboy says:

    My Dad uses Xplornet in rural southern Sask. He’s used it to bring free WiFi to the tiny village he lives in. He upped the speed to 1Mbps I think, and doesn’t get close to that, but that’s fairly normal for even DSL customers from what I’ve read. He has more than 30 years computer experience, and I more than a decade, and we both think it’s a good service with few problems for a satellite system (which can be tricky).

  38. kempton says:

    Thanks saskboy for your feedback. It is good to hear report of good services sometimes.


  39. Dwight says:

    Hi there, I had xplornet installed about two years ago here in rural eastern Ontario and everything was fine up until last fall (’07). I noticed a dramatic drop in download speeds and I don’t even try to send pictures or any other type of large file anymore because it can take half an hour or more to upload it. Now this past week Jan. 30 to Feb’04 I have had daily email service interruptions. I have done the speed testing for them and documented it. They agreed that I had a problem and it went to level two at customer service, got hold of a supervisor and he told me too bad…we don’t guarantee speeds. He offered me 1/2 off my monthly bill, one time only. My reply was that I was insulted and quite disturbed that they had the gall to charge for a service that I am not getting. I told him that I was going to look around for alternatives, to which he replied “may I remind you that you have one year left on your contract with us”. I told him “don’t you threaten me you little shit head, I broke a contract with Bell Canada and I’ll break one with you too”. They don’t give a damn about customer satisfaction anymore. I think they once did but greed has taken over I’m afraid. Would I recommend Xplornet…not on your life!!!

  40. kempton says:


    Sorry to hear about your terrible Xplornet experience. Thanks for sharing your experience here so others are armed with knowledge.


  41. Ken says:

    I was thinking of getting Xplornet for my cabin at Dome Creek (between McBride and Prince George) but after reading these posts, whereby the majority are negative, I will be rethinking the Xplornet Hi-Speed Internet option.
    Given all these posts, I am surprised that there is not a reply from Xplornet itself trying to address and correct the customer problems that have been identified here. I guess this is the typical corporate reaction (no reaction) that one experiences from corporate Canada in this modern day of doing business. Bottom line – “who cares about customer concerns.”

  42. kempton says:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

    Yeah, it would have been nice if Xplornet tries to address the customer problems identified here. As it is never too late to start caring about customer concerns.


  43. Jeff McLean says:

    Just thought I would get my 2 bits in with regards Xplornet.

    If you have ANY other alternative to go with other than Xplornet,I really would suggest you go with them.I have had Xplorenet for a good 2 years now and they have been nothing but a disappointment.Nothing nothing nothing.

    I have a 1.5 down package and I rarely even get 1.Xplornet will telll you that they guarantee 80% of your connection speed….but,if you get 80% at 2 pm and only 10% at 8pm……as far as they are concerned,their obligation has been met.If you have a problem with your speeds,you willbe asked to test your connection periodically over 24 hours,and then call in AGAIN so they can process your account.If they feel that their conditions have been met with your testing,then they may,or may not refer you to a level 2 technician…who will recommend a retesting over 24 hours before they even consider moving things up to ‘level 3’.

    It’s a joke really.Explornet service may have some good speeds…but their only temporary.I have never got 1.5 and after countless hours on the phone with their ‘techs’…they will not stand behind their service in any way shape or form.No consistency whatsoever…and you are powerless to get anything other than what they choose to give you.

    Terrible company.Terrible product.Terrible representatives.Terrible service.Good riddance once I get the chance.

  44. kempton says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with other readers.


  45. Jeremy says:

    We’ve been using Xplornet for well over a year now. Like others, we have no choice except this or dialup (though LOS towers are slowly creeping closer). We run an advertising and design firm and rely on bandwidth – specifically myself utilizing FTP to no end.

    A couple of months ago, being completely frazzled with why oh why does it take upwards of 5-minutes to upload a small text file (2 to 20k), I decided to finally call their tech support and inquire. Speaking with a friendly lady on the other side, I explained my issue. When I said FTP – you could hear the hamster in the wheel running – she had NO CLUE what FTP was. I asked her again – “Are you a qualified tech support rep?” She said she was and that I’d have to go to a website and run a speed test. I told her that wouldn’t help whatsoever, as I was speaking to my speeds over FTP which utilize different ports than HTTP. At this point the hamster was breaking medals it was running so quick! It was clear that I had lost her so I asked her if I could speak with a technician. Must to my amazement she said “No. You have to run a speed test.” I asked her if she had heard anything I had just explained – she said I still had to run the speed test. I think I commented on how I hope her children don’t rely on her as a provider before I hung up the phone.

    Our speeds have diminished over time. Obviously we’re all subject to the fluctuation throughout the day as more people come and go online. But 5-minutes for less text than I have written here? We pay for their highest access plan at some $250+/month… they claim 2MB Down/500k Up. I call utter BS! At absolute best, we “may” get 1MB down over port 80 during the middle of the night – but if we ever get more than 10k Up I’d be shocked.

    While I’m sure they clamp down ports to prevent P2P, and I can agree to this to a certain degree – there is NO need to clamp down FTP ports for legitimate users. Long in the short – Xplornet should be held in a class-action lawsuit in contravention of the Marketing Act in this country!

  46. kempton says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with other readers. I think your and other people’s comments help people make informed decisions.


  47. Cy says:

    Hi everyone,

    My searches for answers to sudden techincal difficulties with Xplornet have lead me here and after reading through these posts I thought it might be a good idea to share my story. I have been on xplornet for well over 2yrs now and up until late Feb I was rather happy with it. One month ago I had nothing but good things to say but that has recently changed.

    I have been using the $149 a month package with 1500 / 300 for pretty heavy use playing everquest an online game. I had been able to have 4 computers hooked up to my modem via a router and play several instances of it at the same time without any problem. I could load as many as 6 characters onto my connection without an issue, but if I tried to do 7 or more I would see the connection lag out a bit… but the lag would go away when I reduced my usage again. My troubles began when I upped my useage, and loaded 8 characters ( 2 on each comp ). My connection crapped out and it has not been noraml since. Now it has a very high latency of 1700ms average. Even after rebooting the whole system it’s still 1700ms, when for 2 years now it had consistantly been at a very playable 642ms.

    I called tech and was told it was likely the weather and to wait it out, so I spent 10 days troubleshooting everything I could think of… bought new computer, new cables etc. Still had a crap connection , no matter how many times I shut down the modem. I called back a second time and was told my dish needed to be repointed, saying it was way off with a deviation of .6. I hired a techincian to come out and do the repoint but he tells me the dish is fine. He calls into Tech and they tell him the deviation is at .1 only and not to bother repointing the dish. After a couple hours of tests etc the only suggestion they had was ‘maybe’ it was the tria or modem. Being desperate for a fix I had him install a new tria & modem. He hooked it all up, they ran more tests and said it was fine… I paid him and he left. I logged in to find no imporvement at all, it was exaclty the same crappy latency.

    One thing Tech did mention is that I had been fapped on Feb 23rd from 3pm to 12am. I had never heard of fapped before but it seems that is what happened to me when I tried to increase my usage habits.

    I hired an indepentant troubleshooter from the local comp shop to come check things out, he was able to determine that everything on my end was fine and the problem was very poor upload times from xplornet. Dowload times seemed fine but uploads were worse than my slow-poke dial up on 25 yrs old lines. He did traceroute tests at the same time on both my dail up and xplornet connections, dail up went to 15 destinations before landing at everquest with a 250 to 400ms but xplornet went to over 35 destinations with a low of 1200ms up to 4000ms. I had him talk to xplornet Tech while he was here and they said everyone is having poor upload times currently because of the email upgrade going in at the moment…. wait until the end of the week and do speedtests is all I got out of them.

    Hopefully I can get this sorted out and get my connection back to the way it had been for 2 years solid. At this point I still don’t know what the issue is but I suspect being fapped had something to do with it. Its been 3 weeks of tech nightmare’s and costed me a pretty penny to pin-point the issue back to xplornet’s end. Until this all began I was very happy with the service I was getting, and I dread the thought of having to resort to my dail-up connections again… but for the time being they are my best connections!

  48. kempton says:

    Hi Cy,

    I hope they will sort out your problems and get you back up to the old speed.

    Thanks for taking time in sharing your experience and helping other users.


  49. Don says:

    If you are waiting for support from xplornet good luck. I have been a loyal customer since 04 and rely on satellite for all my communication other than iridium phone. I have been trying to get support for months. My signal and ACP are the best I have ever achieved but the upload has dropped steadily and Skype is not even working. Even after notifying them that I am remote 45 miles east of Yellowknife, fly in only, they have still not tried to help me other than 1 line support who I know more than. I am a qualified installer. I had to be able to service my system since I can not get a tech to visit us.
    You have heard it all so no need to vent about their support or speeds. I am changing to NetKasters KA band. It can’t be any worse being spot band. Anyone want a DW6000 and 6 foot dish cheap.

  50. kempton says:

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and where you are located so others can be aware of the issues.


  51. Rob says:

    I am a S/W Ontario Xplornet customer and have been since 2005. With dial up being the only other internet alternative I signed up for satellite. I have the 512 down 128 up. I have been satisfied with the service considering how speeds drop off at high usage times. After my year warranty expired I developed continuous loss of signal and xplornet sent me a free modem for exchange. I have always found customer service polite and helpful. They did finally put a recording on the phone to advise customers of temporary problems. I just did a speed test this morning and below are the results. Unfortunately these speeds are not good enough for voip usage. According to one other site that tests speeds I got a result that said I should be using a mule to deliver my emails. I am thinking about switching to xplornet wireless tower service and select a higher download package. The problem I have is while doing my research on xplornet’s voip there are no customer reviews for their digital phone for 2008 so I have been delaying any upgrades until I see some comments good or bad on this service. Anyone here using the digital phone service?

    File size transferred : 3.02 MB (3167484 bytes)
    Total time taken : 53.52 seconds (53517 milliseconds)
    Throughput : 59.0 KB/sec [Kilobyte-per-second]
    = 0.06 MB/sec [Megabyte-per-second]
    = 472.0 Kbps [Kilobit-per-second]
    = 0.47 Mbps [Megabit-per-second]

    File size transferred : 3.02 MB (3167484 bytes)
    Total time taken : 208.38 seconds (208379 milliseconds)
    Throughput : 15.0 KB/sec [Kilobyte-per-second]
    = 0.01 MB/sec [Megabyte-per-second]
    = 120.0 Kbps [Kilobit-per-second]
    = 0.12 Mbps [Megabit-per-second]

  52. Chris says:

    Good afternoon from Lac du Cerf / Quebec,

    as we need a fast Internetconnection we ordered KaBoom (2mb down / 500kb up) from Xplornet , we ordered also a bigger Dish in case of bad wheater. Well the Dish that came is the Standard-sized.

    And since 2 Weeks this Xplornet makes me crazy, the Speed is rubbish, absolutely not worth the $200.– we have to pay per month!

    I don’t care about busy hours, it has to work for that money. No excuses…

  53. kempton says:

    hi Chris,

    thanks for sharing your experiences. too bad it didn’t work for you either.


  54. Rob says:

    (Chris Says:
    And since 2 Weeks this Xplornet makes me crazy, the Speed is rubbish, absolutely not worth the $200.– we have to pay per month!)

    You should post at xplornetsucks.com If you purchased satellite internet you have made a bad choice. They are constantly FAP the system. I just called them today because I had no internet on my satellite at all and although they had left a general message the Surf modems were affected in BC and Prairies I swear they shut mine down here in Ontario. They said my system was unaffected but it came back on line about 6 hours later. What a coincidence! Now I have had to call again since my speed is 1X faster than dial up. I was told they are FAP (fair access policy) my system for downloading. My system was out of commission for 6 hours, I guess that’s downloading, my god, xplornet should dump their satellite setups permanently.

  55. Chris says:

    Hi Rob, unfortunately we have no other choice here, well for the moment. I hope there will be some DSL over the phone line in the near future. We’ve got Xplornet since 2 Weeks, and since then it drives me crazy.
    I’m writing them every day about the mess.

    For example tonight’s Mail to Xplornet:

    [i]” I think its all a bad Joke…
    I can not even listen to my favorite radio station anymore, (44kbit/s)

    No Youtube Videos, no Livestream TV, Site loading minimum 3 minutes, like 9kb Dial-Up, what the F… are you doing with your Customers?!!!

    No, there is no Rain today, no Tree in front of the Dish, no Snow on the LNB,

    what a big big shame for Xplornet!

    Well, I read in the Internet, that we’re not alone with our mess.

    Cheers, Chris”[/i]

    I don’t think it helps, but what else can I do.

    By the Way, I’m swiss, and I lived 6 Years in Greece (south Europe) I allways thought Greece is like the 3rd World with Internet Stuff, but there we had a perfect 2MB Connection for $20 flat / month, over the simple Phoneline.
    30km from Town away in
    the Country.

    Bye , Chris

    PS. Sorry my bad English, but now you know why ;)

  56. kempton says:

    Hi Rob & Chris,

    Wonderful to see you share your experiences and trying to help.


  57. Terry Churchmuch says:

    I have been a customer with Explornet for some 6 years. The first 5 years were adequate. However during the last year, my internet connection constantly goes down or the connection is slower than dial up.

    I do a lot of downloading and understand the FAP, but do not agree with it. Nevertheless, when they decrease my speed to less than dial up, there is something seriously wrong. When I use my g mail at times it takes over 5 minutes to open my email account and 2 to 3 minutes to open individual emails. Indeed often g mail will not open because of a connectivity problem and suggest I try the slow connection. Even when I use the slow connection, it can take a long time to access my email account and individual emails.

    This service is totally frustrating especially for the monthly cost. I live in rural Ontario and I would not recommend Explornet to any of my neighbours.

    All these emails re: experience with Explornet should be forward to the American owners of Explornet. I cannot believe that they would sanction such slow FAP practices.

    When I speak to Explornet about the slow internet connection, their response is basically that is the way it is. they simply do not care!


  58. kempton says:

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your unfortunate experience with Explornet. It is very important for potential customers to know what they are getting into before they do so. Your experiences will be very useful to potential Explornet customers.


  59. Carol says:

    wow…that is all I have to say…I just today got my xplornet hooked up…I had looked at their website before, but never saw this site….now I am really nervous about what I have got myself in to….I live in a remote area and was tired of dial up…but at least I always had a connection…now I am unsure as to what to do…..this is sad for people to be paying this kind of money and get the run around….any feedback is appreciated before my 30 days is up….

  60. kempton says:

    Hi Carol,

    There have been many comments left here re Xplornet. Unfortunately, many of them not good.

    Now, the problem is that, if I remember right, you will get decent services for the duration of your guarantee. And the sad thing is that, after the guarantee, and when you are no longer “protected”, thats when the slowness comes.

    May I strongly suggest you talk to Xplornet’s customer services and tell them you’ve read many other people’s awful experiences and see if you can get their guarantee extended to 2 – 3 years. (or better, indefinitely).

    Unfortunately, from reading comments other left re Xplornet, I have zero faith in their service level re speed.

    Please let us know if you have any luck extending the guarantee period out to a safe period (which, to me, is indefinite).

    As an aside, I like how Doug Stevens take care of his customers and his guarantee is indefinite. This ensure they want to take care of their customers and not just trick their customers into signing up and then leaving their customers hanging up to dry when the so called “guarantee” runs out.


    P.S. Sorry if Xplornet is your only choices but it is definitely worth talking to their customer services rep. Good things happen to people who ask. :)

  61. Carol says:

    Thanks for your reply…I have been distraught since yesterday when reading all the negativity in regards to Xplornet…unfortunately other then dial up it is my only choice, but at least with dial up I have service all the time. Should I contact xplornet directly and not the people that sold me my satellite ? This site has been a great help and I do appreciate your involvement in this. I would have been very upset if I had gone in blind not knowing anything negative about the service. At least this way I can take my time, do my investigation and make a good decision in the end. At least I have a month to do so. Thanks again.

  62. kempton says:

    Hi Carol,

    Don’t be too distraught as you still have your guarantee and you can always fall back on dial up. Dial up is slower but it is at least stable and you get what you pay for.

    If I were you, I will talk to Xplornet directly. The local installer who sells you services has no authority to change your guarantee. You see, it is a stretch if Xplornet is willing or able to extend your guarantee. But if I were you, and knowing what I know now, I would cancel the service without a indefinite guarantee on speed. I don’t want to say Xplornet is cheating or tricking its customers, by slowing down the speed AFTER the guarantee expire, after all, I haven’t used their service myself and I have been reading others’ comment. The thing is they had no reason to all come in and make up bad Xplornet stories.

    Good luck in talking/negotiating with Xplornet customer services.

    Please write back what you find from Xplornet customer service as other readers may be interested as well.

    Good day.

  63. Carol says:

    WEll, I just thought I would keep everyone up to date on my xplornet and new service. As of tomorrow, I will have had my service for a week and good so far. I did take some advice and I have directly contacted the CEO of xplornet with my concerns. I tried contacting customer service, but I had no luck whatsover, so since his name is on the xplornet site I thought, why not. Go to the top and see what he has to say and hopefully I can post some positives on here about xplornet, but we will see. Thanks for all your help, I will keep everyone updated.

  64. kempton says:

    Thanks a lot Carol. I am very curious of how the CEO will response and I do hope you will hear some good news from them.

    You see, at the end of the day, there are many people, if they want high speed internet in a rural area, are stuck with Xplornet, so if you get a promise/guarantee from the CEO, then I hope they will change the way they operate their business and offer the same good services (and guarantee) to all customers.

    Good luck.

  65. Carol says:

    thanks…Kempton…I will keep you posted for sure….up until 2 weeks ago I had never even heard of xplornet…now today in the mail I have received a flyer in the mail about them and also there is an ad in the Harrowsmith magazine about them…..hopefully they will straighten up their service if they are advertising more…have a great day…

  66. kempton says:

    I hope they will straighten up their services (and guarantee) as well. They seemed to be able to deliver, the problem is that they reduce and cap the speed once people’s guarantee expire.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.


  67. richard r. says:

    hey guys. don;t forget, this is a business. and the odds of anyone actually talking to the CEO of the company are slim to none. they don’t care, don’t you get it? don’t forget, the PR reps for the company scour these sites. so if you’re seeing all these negative comments, then all of a sudden someone replies with “i’ve had my service for a year, and it works perfectly! all we had to do was cut down some tree limbs!” maybe true. maybe not. i live just outside of Harrowsmith, and after reading this, wouldn’t even dream of using xplorenet. i had the rogers USB stick last week, and took it back the day after. i was paying for a signal strength of 5 bars, but was only getting 3. my dial up with Mozilla browser was almost as fast as that. it sucks out here, but if you are just surfing, use dial up with Mozilla browser and an accelerator. if you need to download a big file, go to an internet cafe.

  68. kempton says:

    Richard, Thanks for the tips re using an internet cafe to download big files.

    Now, I have no reason to doubt Carol. Will see what Carol will get from Xplornet this time. I do believe business, even bad ones, can change. I am willing to “trust but verify”.


  69. maz says:

    Hi all,

    I’m glad to find this forum. I was a satisfied Xplornet satellite customer for over two years but just over a month ago the service took a huge nose-dive. Ruled out my equipment and computer as the cause and have since discovered many others (like those on this forum) having the same difficulties. I’ve posted my experience to warn others of this company that essentially takes your money and refuses to provide the services you pay for because of that infamous “we don’t guarantee speed” technicality.


  70. kempton says:

    Thanks for your comment maz.

  71. Peter says:

    Well I’m sorry to say it after reading all the posts in this blog…, but I can’t be happier with the xplornet satellite service I have! I signed up for the 512k service KaZam (I think) and I can speed test to 420 – 480k almost any given time – though the upload speed varies from 30 – 80k up. Though I cannot use iChat audio or video, I can do anything I want and need to including listening to sports, music, Youtube videos – all of which I could never do with dial-up…
    For the money and no alternative (country home) I’m very happy.

  72. kempton says:

    Thanks for sharing your positive experiences Peter. Hope it will stay good.

    I hope others will share their experiences as well, both good and bad experiences.

  73. Marco says:

    Xplornet does not work. Stay with dialup if you have no other alternative, it’s faster than Xplornet.

  74. Annoyed1 says:

    I am currently using Xplornet. It was good at the start, but then once the contract began it went from worthy to pathetic. The 512kbps Xplornet has more latency issues than 56kbps Dial Up internet. Dial up works with online games and loads pages faster than Xplornet. The only thing that Xplornet can do better is load videos, and due to the 25MB cap, you are lucky to load one small video. If I wish to end my contract you must pay a fee. Yes, pay a fee for ending my sub-par service. It also seems that the towers/satellites are overbooked, meaning more people are trying to get their internet from a single source than should be. It really has me annoyed. I was recently told that a court action has been taken against the company. I still need to read up on that to see whether or not it is true. I can only hope that it is and somehow I can end my contract without having to pay a fee. I won’t be able to last another 2 years of this. My advice is if you have dial up, just stick with that. Satellite internet is not worth the money, and will just ruin your internet experience.

  75. Ray says:

    An interesting update for users here. It has to do with Xplornet getting the New Brunswick Government contract to bring 100% Internet coverage to New Brunswick.
    Details are for satellite at the moment until wireless towers get raised…For New Brunswick Only..
    ……No contracts…….
    1.5Mbps speeds for $49.95 a month.
    $99 install and no equipment fee.
    Backdated to July 2008.

    The New Brunswick Government is giving ‘up to’ 13 million dollars to Xplornet to achieve this via satellite and wireless. I do not know what the Government contract specifics are for long term speeds, throttling of speeds and payments.

    I mention this as the ‘no contract’ part is something Xplornet should be doing to better encourage customer loyalty(or really to encourage Xplornet to keeping the system fast, as some would go back to dialup), instead of causing people to get the three year contract via higher install and equipment costs. Some companies in North America do make good money via early contract cancellation fees.
    And there is the classic thing of people looking to get out of the one sided Xplornet contract(check with your Provincial consumer protection branch, for consumer protection issues with it). Xplornet is busy munching it’s way across Canada and not keeping up with it’s current user base according to many posts.
    Xplornet has been active since about May 2005. Some people do get decent speeds. And some people notice that their speeds are not even in the 80% of package top speed rating.
    Here is a speed test site that is reliable.
    People post that the speedtest.net site and also the anikast.net sites are giving false numbers(speeds are shown as being faster than they actually are).
    A saving grace for Xplornet with satellite is the Spaceway3 KA band satellite by Hughesnet. Online for home users since about Aug 2008. So a better alternative to the Telesat satellite. At least for 2 years or more(one million user capacity). Available in Southern Canada and the States.

    And this law firm in the United states initially started working on a Class action lawsuit against Hughesnet in the States in the fall of 2008. Canadian Xplornet users of the various transmission methods quickly hooked in to it. As some people have been waiting many months or years to get to tag along on someones else’s legal action.
    And click on the blog posts.
    Probably no money to the user, but maybe no contract obligation for all.

    Xplornet cancellation fee is remaining months at $25 a month , to a maximum of $450. Which was a big change from full monthly fee until end of contract term. Which some people payed before the cancellation fee change.
    Generally satellite was good for about 1 and a half years. Before some spot beams filling up(actually 3 year fill ratio in Canada) or ground stations not being upgraded to meet with user demand.

    For Cellular Internet with Rogers or Bell, you need the outdoor modem. A decent alternative to satellite, even though they are also going past maximum bandwidth limits in areas. They are very popular.

    As they say. Buyer beware. It’s up to the consumer(well actually the Government) to research places they do business with. Document your speeds during your whole Internet experience, so if speeds go away, you have documentation of the fact. You bought a connection to access the Internet, and not just a antenna on the side of the house.

  76. Ray says:

    Another note.
    For those that had Xplornet ‘accidentally’ remove more from their bank accounts than Xplornet was authorized too and were then subject to overage charges from the bank or from other companies that tried to do a regular automatic withdrawal on a now empty account.
    Provincial consumer protection says Xplornet(or any company that does it) is liable for any extra banking charges from the un-authorized extra withdrawal. Even though the Xplornet contract with the user says Xplornet is not responsible for any overage charges. As that part of the Xplornet contract violates Consumer Protection Laws.

  77. kempton says:


    Thanks for commenting and sharing with us your views.

  78. greco says:

    I got xplorenet August 2008, Yes, (Like owning a fast sports car without the motor…) bad stuff, and full of excuses… They dove in my bank account, but they got fooled… and yes the bank charged me, two months after I’ve canceled all activities, bank and net services ( maybe in the fine print) In my opinion, It was better for them not to tell me…( got my money bank charges back) My Xplorenet account finally ended with a collection agencie… Ha ha!! And the repair dude that was supposed to show up, never did… I am back on dial up, I know at least what to expect and I get it for free!
    So, false hopes, bad excuses and terrible service. how come these people (xploters) are still in business??? I’m in, I want to help to help others. Can all these comments be given to the media??? I’m worried about our Government Allowing such rubish to keep on doing business this way… Plus giving them more dollars!!! The media should dig… something foul is in the air!!!
    Thank you for this forum! G.

  79. kempton says:


    Thanks for sharing your experiences here (unfortunately, bad experiences).

    By leaving your experiences (in this case, bad experiences), you are helping others make more informed decisions.

    If you (or other customers) are determined enough, one can always sue them. But it will sure takes lots of energy. Hopefully potential customers do some Googling first before jumping into using Xplornet.

  80. dave says:

    I just moved out in rural area(just outside fort st john) BC. Ive been a hardcore gamer past couple years., but i think its gonna end now.Our family just purchased the best package xplornet has to offer, we are paying almost 200 a month for this plus the very expensive instalation fee which osted an extra 1000 dollars. But anyways, i was told by installers this is perfect for gaming and all this bullshit.Well thats not the case at all. I am gettin 1.5 download/0.06 upload speed and pings up to 1200ms. I tried contacting tech support for xplornet and he told me to run speedtest and have me call back tomrow. He also said if something looks wrong he will put me threw tech level 2 and theyll have a look at it. Having used this for only 2 days i trully feel as if I’m not getting my moneys worth at all and getting ripped off badly. Hopefully they work something out or esle ill have to switch to dial up for gaming(since i have 3 year contract i must keep it)Im pretty sure a good 56k modem can reach ping at about 200-400ms

  81. kempton says:

    Hi Dave,

    I hope they can fix your problem and get the performance you were sold on and paid for.

    If you are getting no where near the performance you expected, I hope you can get your money back.

    With Davinci Broadband, the owner gave my friend the money back (including installation) guarantee and fortunately my friend has been happy with the service and never had to ask for his money back.

  82. dave says:

    Well i just talkked to a level 2 technician today and they told me the ping and download/uplaod speed is where it should be at.I tol them Are you joking? i could get way better ping on dial up ect ect. My ophone died not long after but still i dont think i was getting ne where as he told me everything is where it should be and they dont offer static IP addresses ect.He also told me having over 1000ms is normal for satellite.Bullshit im paying for the best package they have to offer! I called back once i plugged my phone in and i spoke to a difrent lady and she wouldnt put me threw becasue i didnt know my email, I said Are you fucking kidding me? ijust spoke to him liek a minute ago.And since lvl 2 techs leave at midnight i couldnt be put threw anyways. Im fucking pissed. I think im just gonna get dial up for gaming and downgrade this just for internet surfing or something. But bottom line Xplornet is a fuckin joke. Horrible customer service.

  83. kempton says:

    Hi Dave,

    So sorry to hear the horrible customer service experiences you have with them.

    Ah, what can I say. I am not surprised even I hoped you had got better customer services.

    I just hope you can get all your money (including installation) back even though I am not sure what are the terms and conditions of a typical Xplornet contract.

    Good luck.

  84. none says:

    Check out this site: http://www.xplornetsucks.com

    There are many frustrated users there that share the same experiences :(

  85. kempton says:

    A comment by ray in Monday, 16 April, 2007 at 8:35 PM pointed out the site already. Thanks anyway for stopping by.

  86. Xclusivecl says:

    Hey everyone,

    I’m an experienced Xplornet/Galaxybroadband, VSAT installer in Calgary and I’ve been reading through these posts. I completely agree with the majority of the problems, most people have with the Xplornet service.

    I’m actually the developer of [… moderated …] the first post TOM made in 2007, and things haven’t changed much with the service since.

    BEFORE I START I WANT TO REMIND THE READER. For the majority of you, this is your only option to receive any other options better than Dialup including DSL, CABLE, Terrestrial Tower(Canopy) Internet.

    Don’t be frustrated, just make the option you have better!!!

    I’m going to make a list of some of the things you can expect or what you should be looking for with the installation of your system.

    1) YOUR INSTALLER: Make sure your installer is fully certified to do KA BAND Hughesnet installations with Xplornet.

    This course is offered by Xplornet to installers. What can happen is one installer (manager) will take the course and the rest will learn from him. BIG MISTAKE. Take down the installers # and name. If that # and name doesn’t correspond with Xplornet, then you might have system/service issues in the future by means of a bad installation. GUARANTEED!

    Go on gut instinct. 5% of customers actually knew the difference between TV satellite and satellite internet. It’s not just point dish and leave anymore. ASK QUESTIONS!


    COAX CABLE: Did you know that the actual COAX cable from the dish to the modem has to be a MINIMUM (thats right MINIMUM) 75′ and a MAXIMUM of 150′ and made of solid copper core? 80% of the installations I go and fix do not have the PROPER coax!? Instead they use a lower grade COAX which is fine for TV satellite installs.

    SIGNAL STRENGTH: After your installer tells you that your ready to surf the internet. Ask him for SIGNAL STRENGTH. The new Hughes KA HN9000 systems have a particular method in pointing, and if those values are OFF TARGET then your system/service will be effected. It may not seem like it at the time (SUNNY DAY) but once weather rolls in (SNOW STORM) you will be effected more then someone with optimal signal.

    GROUNDING: The dish (all outside hardware) and the cable need to be connected to a grounding point in your house (IE: copper plumbing, electrical box) with a 10 gauge copper wire or bigger through a grounding splice in the cable. Wind passing over the dish creates static electricity and it needs to travel/dissipate somewhere else besides your expensive equipment. 90% of the installations I fix do not have the PROPER grounding!?

    YOU HAVE CHOICES: Make sure your installer goes over all the positions he could put the dish on your house. I know some houses, I don’t have a lot of choices to install, but I like when a customer is happy about not seeing the dish from the front or manicured part of their house.

    ****When a camera is LEVEL, and SOLID on a tripod it takes better pictures correct? The same is true about satellite internet signals, it makes BETTER internet.


    A)Read (skim over) terms of agreements. IE. Xplornet covers parts, labor, and mileage to fix YOUR system for 1 year. Some other providers don’t.

    B)Make sure your installer is properly certified, and has the knowledge to properly answer every question. Even service issues. These things are covered in the certification.

    C)Download large files in the evenings. 3 am peak hour. This way you will be dodging the Fair Access Policy (FAP) that ALL providers need to adhere by, not just Xplornet.

    Don’t surf with more then 3 computers at a time. You will certainly be FAP’d, on ALMOST all packages any provider will offer you in KA Band internet. If you need to surf more then 3 computers, look at options with KU band internet (Xplornet and Galaxy provide them). Remember, your not in the city. (or could be and be totally oblivious)

    D) Don’t take the lowest quote for installation. Ask what the breakdown of the Hardware/Labor/Industry Canada Fees are and gauge the response. Usually, You are getting exactly what you pay for and less if you are paying $100 difference between companies.

    Typically Xplornets “Deals”,”Sales” and “Discounts” are a total shell game with $100 here and there.


    BE VIGILANT WITH XPLORNET. The reason why we have hundreds of unhappy customers in Alberta is because of OVERLOADING of the satellite beam. They are customers who are using out dated equipment that has drastically improved since its origination. The hardware (Hughes HN9000 since 2008) has improved 110% and can give the installer the benefit of a great system. Admit it, is can be better then dial-up.

    Thanks for reading.

    [note: Long comment slightly moderated]

  87. Tina says:

    I signed a contract with the jerks a year ago and my landlord has forclosed on the property and I have to be out by court documents by July 9th 2010. Because of this I called and told them my new location and they said they cant provide the same service where I am moving to just satilite. Thats not fast enough for my job. They said that they will have to cancel my account then and I have to pay 450 for that. How can a company have the right to do that. They cant provide the same service where I am going and they want to charge me 300 to move the service over if i were to take the satilte….whatever you do DONT SIGN UP WITH THEM, they are a rip off.

  88. kempton says:


    Sorry to hear they didn’t do the right thing in this case.

  89. Tannaberton Abacrombie says:

    Got them 3 years ago and really needed internet for VOP. Two week sago VOIP stopped working outbound. I hear the person I have called but they cannot hear me. Xplornet said sorry it’s your problem so I replaced every component and they said sorry it is your problem. It went through some manner of escalation but now they say it is my problem that they cannot discuss it is over the internet by email so I have to call them. I can’t call them because I have no phone. I have read online of others with the same problem, something to do with a double NAT. Anyone else having this inconvenience maybe drop a line to redboxx@excite.com I would like to hear the story.

  90. wd40 says:

    I too have had bad experiences with Xplornet
    Check out this website – it has a load of information on Xplornet and it’s abuse of customers:

    [note: link removed.]


    [editor’s note: Thanks for your comment. I took out the website reference.
    Also, this is a 2007 post with many comments. I am closing the comment to this post. this will be the last comment for this post.]

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