My wonderful eye doctor in Calgary

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Last August, I blogged about my eye doctor (ophthalmologist) as I think he is one of the best doctors that I have seen anywhere. Recently and out of the blue, I received some emails asking for referrals. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help them as they live in Vancouver and Toronto. So for the interested readers living in Calgary, Dr. Angus Kirk is an Eye Physician and Surgeon and his practice is located at the South Centre Mall in Calgary South West.

I know the waiting time for a regular checkup is rather long (likely months) and I don’t know if Dr. Kirk is still taking new patient. But is is worth a call to find out. In my humble opinion, many doctors want you out of their office as quickly as possible so they can see other patients but Dr. Kirk will spend the extra time. And as a result, I am always very well cared for. And my glasses are extremely precise (note 1) and that makes me happy. (smile).

Of course, these are my non-medical personal views and I am just a patient. I also hope I am not breaking any rules in sharing a few well deserved good words about Dr. Kirk.

Note 1: I am not an expert in getting a eye-glass prescription but I was quite amazed and impressed with the extra measuring work and checks that Dr. Kirk did to get me a good pair of glasses. Many doctors just use the machine and then may be a quick manual tuning. Dr. Kirk used to spend so much time on some challenging test (I won’t bore you with the details) that I’ve asked my share of “Are we done yet?” (smile) Which he will reply, just a few more. In recent years, he has fine tuned his tests and shorten it a little. He explained that the extra tests didn’t give much more precision so he shortened it. Oh, and did I say Dr. Kirk has a wealth of medical knowledge and if I have a question, he will always answer it and usually with his nicely made diagrams.

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  1. Johann Ludwig says:

    I wonder if your Calgary doctor is a physiologist as well as an ophthalmologist If so,I would like to get in touch with him. I have a condition called visual mid-line shift syndrome which developed in Dec. 2006, following a stroke in May 2006. It involves a persistent right leaning of the body and complicates my balance problem. So far I have only been able to obtain a November appointment with Dr. Lewis in Edmonton (my home town) and I need an appointment like YESTERDAY. Is there a doctor in Calgary who is available at a more reasonable date?
    Hi Johann,

    Sorry, as far as I know, my ophthalmologist doesn’t practice in other fields. May be you can check with you family doctor and see if he/she can help you find an earlier appointment that meets your need better. Best of luck.


  2. Adam Roberts says:

    Interesting!!! I was searching to see if i could find his contact information so I could call his office. Instead I stumbled across this post while searching… as I said Interesting! I have been a patient of Dr. Kirk since I was a wee boy… and what can I say… there is no better =) He is the best! It is nice to hear him being given credit which he deserves…
    Hello Adam,

    Wonderful to hear from you. Dr. Kirk is the best. Anytime a specialist who wants to spend *more* time with me making me better, he/she gets a big plus in my book. These days, so many doctors believe in a production line approach that they want to get patients lined up so efficiently and disposed of so quickly that it is great to see Doctors like Dr. Kirk servicing Calgary.


  3. Jeremy Olsson says:

    I Would like to see Dr. Angus Kirk again. I am so happy to have found this forum.
    Dr.Angus has helped me so much. I t hank you Dr. Kirk for all the help you have given me in the past. I am hoping to see you soon. Sincerely Jeremy Olsson

  4. kempton says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Dr. Kirk is a great doctor. I hope you will enjoy his help and service again.

    – Kempton

  5. Cathy says:

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this site. I found it last summer and b/c of it.. my husband got in to see DR Kirk and got surgery done on his lazy eye before our wedding and the pictures turned out beautiful (no more lazy eye).. he’s 28 and has been to see numerous Dr’s who would not do a thing about his eye until Dr Kirk. He is great. He’s been up to see him every few months or so and I’m now bringing my daughter to see him to make sure she hasn’t inherited her dad’s eye. Thanks again, without this site we would never have travelled to calgary (200KM) to find Dr Kirk!!


  6. kempton says:

    Dear Cathy,

    You’ve just made my day as I am very happy your husband got the needed care from Dr. Kirk and your daughter as well. 200km drive was long and glad to hear it works out for you.

    Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing your story with others.


  7. thebadwife says:

    Totally Agree he was my doctor growing up, and now my 2 year old son who has the same lazy eye issue…is seeing him! I pink puffy heart him!

  8. iamspunky says:

    Our family has been seeing DR. KIRK since we moved to Calgary 26 years ago. He has ALWAYS taken extra time with each patient. We sit patiently waiting our turn, knowing that we will receive the same excellent care! Once my 6 year old daughter asked Dr. Kirk where he was going on his pending holiday. He told her he was going to Florida. Of course, she got all excited and said, “Are you going to DISNEY LAND?!” To which, Dr. Kirk replied, “Actually, I will be attending an EYE CONVENTION!” He then shared exuberantly about how he looks forward to this holiday every year as he spends a week with other specialists discussing new discoveries on vision.” He would often pull out charts and diagrams, share enthusiastically when my husband would ask him, “So what have you learned lately about the eye, Dr.Kirk?” Our kids (all grown up now) still travel back to Calgary to see Dr. Kirk!

  9. kempton says:

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely story. Dr. Kirk is a really good doctor that, unfortunately, is becoming rarer and rarer, I think.

    Many doctors (especially if they are specialists) want to get you in and then out asap. Dr. Kirk always have time to check you properly and to answer questions you have.

    The willingness and ability to learn new things year in year out is not a given. I am happy to have Dr. Kirk as my doctor. And I am also excited (because I am a medical geek) to hear he is still writing research papers to share his insights with the medical community.

  10. Cate says:

    I’ve been a patient of Dr Kirk since 1979 and have sadly moved out of province. Does anyone have a copy of his amazing tip sheet for migraine sufferers that they could share? My email is and I’d be extremely appreciative. :-)

  11. kempton says:

    Hi Cate,

    May be you can give Dr. Kirk’s office a call and see if they will mail you a copy of the tip sheet? Dr. Kirk is very helpful and his office may be willing to make a copy and mail it to you.

    Good luck.

  12. Magz says:

    is there any way for you to post his contact number? our optometrist found out a small pigment on my husband’s eye, and weve been told to wait to wait for a call since we will be referred to an ophthalmologist, however its been a couple of weeks now and we havent gotten any call yet. We would like to see a doctor who could check this is ASAP even our optometrist said this isnt urgent.

  13. kempton says:

    Hi Magz,

    I am uncomfortable posting Dr. Kirk’s phone number here. Since Dr. Kirk is a specialist, you will need a referral by your doctor anyway. So I suggest you see your family doctor and ask him/her to refer your husband to Dr. Kirk.

    Wishing your husband the best of luck.

    • eaj says:

      I don’t think you need a referral to see an ophthalmologist. Since they do refractions (checking for eyeglasses), you don’t need a referral even though they are specialists.

      Dr. Kirk is superb. I have seen him for thirty years. His phone number is in the phone book.

    • kempton says:

      Dr. Kirk is very through and superb indeed. And I think you are right re his phone number. :) He is that nice!

      Actually is a proper branch of medicine and are all M.D.s and some do operations (cutting and other nasty stuff) on our eyes. Whereas Optometrists check eyes for prescriptions for a fee and I won’t let them operate on my eyes as they are not qualified to do so.

  14. eaj says:

    Ophthalmologists are medical doctors. By contrast, optometrists are not medical doctors. Ophthalmologists do refractions for eyeglasses but do not charge for that in Alberta. Optometrists do charge. In addition, an ophthalmologist has to be knowledgable about internal medicine conditions that affect the eye. You do not need a referral from a g.p. to see a general ophthalmologist; you would need a referral from an ophthalmologist to a retinal specialist, for example.

    It is extremely important to have a regular eye exam to pick up changes in the eye (which you might not even notice yourself) for early treatment of any condition.

    Kempton I share your opinions about Dr. Kirk wholeheartedly!

    • kempton says:

      Dr. Kirk is such a special doctor who is not only insightful, knowledgeable (and willing to share his knowledge with his special info sheets), he has always been patient with me re my seemingly endless questions. One day Dr. Kirk will retire and I will really miss him!

      P.S. I don’t know and don’t want to say how I think the new doctors are trained and practice these days. I figure if I don’t have any good thing to say (and I don’t have solid examples of the “bad”), I may as well not say anything. :)

  15. Karren Loveall says:

    Optometrists are ODs – they have medical training but are not physicians. They’re trained in diagnosing and treating many eye-related diseases. They’re more likely to focus on routine eye care and vision testing for glasses or contacts.’

    [editor: comment moderated. external link removed.]

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