CBC on Google and BBC on YouTube

The CBC has some interesting videos on Google even if they are very limited at the moment. And it is nice to hear BBC is going to add two three channels on YouTube to show clips from hit BBC programs (e.g. “Top Gear”, “Doctor Who”, docs, etc.).[via Tod Maffin and Jeff Jarvis]

“YouTube is a key gateway through which to engage new audiences in the UK and abroad,” BBC Director-General Mark Thompson said in the release. “It’s essential that the BBC embraces new ways of reaching wider audiences with non-exclusive partnerships such as these.” Smart, those Brits.

For more news on the BBC and YouTube deal, see here, here and here.

Thirdly, around 30 news items a day will also be offered, though the advertising-funded news clips will not be available to users in Britain who pay the license fee that funds the BBC.


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