Science – Understanding the Human Genome

Here is the Charlie Rose Science Series, Part Two: Understanding the Human Genome. Two Nobel Prize winners are speaking on this program. New insights on Cancer, etc. Great stuff.

Part two of the Charlie Rose Science Series examines what we’ve learned about ourselves through our understanding of the human genome and how it will improve our lives.

Segment 1: Paul Nurse, president of The Rockefeller University and James Watson, Chancellor of Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory.

Segment 2: Eric Lander, founding Director of the Broad Insitute of M.I.T. & Harvard / Member, Whitehead Institute, and professor of biology at M.I.T.

Segment 3: Craig Venter, founder of the J. Craig Venter Institute.

Aug 30th, 2017 update: The previously linked videos in the “Charlie Rose Science Series” (on Google Video) has been removed thanks to the demise of GV. Here is another video by Craig Venter.

Craig Venter at TEDMED 2010

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