The Future of Economics Isn’t So Dismal (nor boring)

” … economists have been acting a lot like intellectual imperialists in the last decade or so. They have been using their tools — mainly the analysis of enormous piles of data to tease out cause and effect — to examine everything from politics to French wine vintages.
– NYT article “The Future of Economics Isn’t So Dismal” – [via Steven Levitt]

The Economists and Their Research [via NYT]

The Economists’ Web Sites [via NYT]

Ulrike Malmendier:

Stefano DellaVigna:

Roland Fryer:

Jesse Rothstein:

Jesse Shapiro:

Emily Oster:

Amy Finkelstein:

Benjamin Olken:

Raj Chetty:

Justin Wolfers:

Xavier Gabiax:

Matthew Gentzkow:

Dean Karlan:


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  1. […] Also from TED –  Emily Oster, a Becker Fellow at U. of Chicago, will also speak. And I am interested to see. See this Esquire article and Oster’s website for more of her ideas. [via Freakonomics] See also a previous blog entry. […]

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