iPhone (Apple) vs iPhone (Cisco)

As reported by Mercury News and AP, “Cisco Sues Apple Over Use of iPhone Name”. Here are pictures of the phones linking back to their websites.


Tom Evslin doesn’t think the iPhone will “reinvent” the telecommunications sector as Steve Jobs has claimed. And Tom has a followup entry here.

WSJ Law Blog has a good entry here.

Logic + Emotion has a good entry here.

I have selected a few blog entries from Paul Kedrosky about the iPhone here (interesting note about the Cingular relationship), and entries about the getting really interesting trademark lawsuit here, here, and here (the last one is a fun one to read and it links to the lawsuit filings). Plus entries about Apple stock prices here and here. With respect to the trademark lawsuit, I am not a lawyer, even I am a big Apple fan but it looks like the law may be on Cisco’s side. But then cases like this is never as simple as the law itself.

By the way, some of the cool features demo by Steve Jobs might be new to some people (and to such a small device) but the concepts have been shown by others before. Here is a blog entry about touch-driven computer screen. And also an entry on SMART Technologies’ touch table which showcase some interesting concepts. Mind you, the iPhone did do some amazing things in such a small size device.

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