“The Consumer” – as Ad Agency of the year

 “The question for 2007 will be whether marketers and agencies find ways to harness that consumer-bred creativity — so unpolished and unaccountable — and deploy it in the service of brands.

AdAge editor explained why they picked “The Consumer” as Ad Agency of the year. Both articles are insightful read. And here is another one about lousy Viral Campaigns.

One Response to “The Consumer” – as Ad Agency of the year

  1. ggwfung says:

    marketing has reached a strange point. They were there as the mediators between companies and the public. But now that the direct link to consumers has disappeared (more radio stations, more cable channels, more choice online) they can’t say ‘we know how to sell it”.

    Could google kill them as well? (through adwords)

    the micropersuasion blog has good stuff on this.




    Hi ggw,

    With the advance of various technologies, all marketing firms have to do more for sure.


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