“Ngoi Gwok Yan” 外國人 (Foreigners) Learning Cantonese

My friend Daisann, a New Yorker, has another great post about the dilemma of “foreigners” (“Ngoi Gwok Yan” 外國人) learning Cantonese in Hong Kong. After reading her post, I not only gained some new insights, I also want to teleport to Hong Kong to have some great food at Sheung Hing (see last review) and Yung Kee. Oh, and have some great Peking duck at Spring Deer [Peking] Restaurant (photos here, here, and here).

Note: Inside Daisann’s great post, she also links to two other articles about her experience in learning Cantonese.

One Response to “Ngoi Gwok Yan” 外國人 (Foreigners) Learning Cantonese

  1. Old Friend says:

    I am pleasantly surprised to know “gwai-pau” like Daisann finds places like Sheung Hing! I also have wonderful memories about the food there. Apparently the owner was also on a TV Show about Chiu Chow food some time ago.


    Hello Old Friend,

    Daisann knows places for good food. I have to have some good food at Shueng Hing next time I am in HK.


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