Is your US Patent obvious to the Supreme Court?

Today, the US Supreme Court heard a case that can have serious impact on the foundation of intellectual property. It is a case call “KSR INTERNATIONAL CO., v. TELEFLEX, INC., ET AL. ” Case No. 04-1350 and it deals with Teleflex’s US Patent 6,237,565. This case puts the spotlight on the “obviousness” test in patenting. After all, if your idea is “obvious”, it is not qualified for a patent. Here is the USSC transcripts of today’s oral arguments. By the way, thinking about this case reminds me of the debates/discussions between Tim O’Reilly and Jeff Bezos about that stupid 1-click ordering patent.

See pg 70 of the transcript for an index of all the “obvious” & “obviousness” you can take. (smile) Special thanks to Paul Kedrosky for his post that points out this case.

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