Meeting Robert Bateman in Calgary


Quoting CBC’s Life and Times, Robert Bateman is “likely the wealthiest and certainly one of the most popular artists in Canada”. My better half and me were doing some Xmas shopping in a mall this past Sunday and we noticed this looooong line-up outside an art gallery. Well, you guessed it. Robert Bateman was there at the gallery meeting his fans and signing autographs.

While my better half went shopping, I went into the gallery to looking at some of Robert’s paintings. They were all wonderful and these two (this elephants and this polar bear) were my favourites. I wanted to talk to Robert but the line-up was just too long so I just stood close enough to hear him chat with his fans. (Robert sounded very nice and soft spoken.) I then went into the one big bookstore in the mall to try to pick up a Bateman book to get his autograph. But, ah, I wasn’t the first one to think of that idea as I was told that all Bateman books were SOLD OUT!

Well, actually there was one Bateman book left, it was the “Bateman: Deluxe Two-Volume Collector’s Edition” for $150. It was a bit too pricey for an impulse purchase. And I also felt wrong if I bought two copies and then just “eBay” a copy or both copies! So, here is my Robert Bateman story. (smile)

Speaking about arts. I will next talk about an artist that I love and enjoy very much — Norman Rockwell.

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