Dragons’ Den – JobLoft CEO Chris Nguyen refused to speak to independent CBC journalist


To my complete dismay and shock, I read from insideCBC blog that JobLoft CEO Chris Nguyen had refused to be interviewed by an independent CBC journalist. Nguyen “first requested a list of interview questions in advance, then, when told this was contrary to CBC journalistic policy, declined to be interviewed.” I just can’t believe my eyes when their claim of wanting to tell their side of the story to the press was “selective” and questions need to be screened and vetted first.

The following are parts of my comments for the insideCBC blog. I’ve included the last two paragraphs because they do have some remote relevance for what the JobLoft team may be getting themselves into. (Sorry for some repeated coments.)

Now, what interested me most is the fact that JobLoft CEO Chris Nguyen’s insistence of having a list of interview questions in advance before agreeing to an interview. And then declined the interview because CBC wouldn’t provide a list ahead of time because of journalist reason. That said a lot to me. The way Chris acted implied he simply didn’t care about telling their side of the story by an independent journalist. What they want, seems to me, is total control of the messages coming out. Have a list of questions will allow necessary filtering of “negative” questions.

I think in the new YouTube and blog age, the concept of “no publicity is bad publicity” has been completely obliterated. Witness Michael Richards, aka “Kramer” from “Seinfeld”, on stage 3 minutes racist rant. That rant has created a world of publicity onto him, and I am afraid this bad publicity may have been sufficient to finish his career off.

As a fellow human being, it was sad to see Michael Richards self-destruct the way he did. At the same time, in the YouTube and blog age, IMHO, career can be destroyed with just 3 minutes of on-stage racist rant.


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