Buying eyeglasses online

Well, I never thought that I will blog about buying eyeglasses online but here I am. I found this pair of posts “Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers” (with 65 comments so far) and “Eyeglasses — A response to “Stephanie”, an Optometrist” (with 32 comments) that talk about someone’s great experience buying eyeglassess online a lot cheaper than buying from stores. (Warning: I haven’t bought from these online eyeglasses stores and since we are talking about **our eyes**, please don’t jump in with eyes blinded by the cheap prices.)

Quoting David Armano’s original post (where I found the above two links),

“It also raises the question of influence. One one hand, you have an articulate individual talking about a good experience he had, and on the other you have an articulate individual defending his craft. I think these discussions will continue to intensify given the things we can now do that we were not able to in the past.

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