Goodbye Teddy Badly – Ed Bradley 1941-2006

I still can’t believe 60 minutesEd Bradley has passed away today. And I can’t quite imagine a 60 minutes without Ed. Here are what some of Ed’s colleagues said about him and I quote a few here,

“It was his humanity, his compassion – starting way back with those Cambodian boat people where he stopped being a reporter. He could get things out of people because he, I don’t know, he just had a way of being honest about himself. He was so comfortable in his own skin.”
– Lesley Stahl, correspondent, 60 Minutes

“I don’t think that in the twenty years I knew him I ever saw him lose his composure. I saw him lose his temper a couple of times, but I never saw him lose his composure. People try and tell reporters that you should ‘walk with the people.’ Well, Ed truly walked with the people.”
– Steve Kroft, correspondent, 60 Minutes

Here is an excerpt from New York Times,

“I made the mistake once of letting him get onstage with my band, and he never stopped doing it,” the singer Jimmy Buffett, a friend of Mr. Bradley’s for 30 years who was also with him when he died, said in a telephone interview today. Mr. Bradley had many nicknames throughout his life — including “Big Daddy,” when he played football in the 1960’s at Cheyney State College in Pennsylvania — but his favorite, according to Ms. Hunter-Gault and Mr. Buffett, was “Teddy Badly,” which Mr. Buffett bestowed on him on stage the first time Mr. Bradley played tambourine at his side.

“Everybody in my opinion needs a little Mardi Gras in their life,” Mr. Buffett said, “and he liked to have a little more than the average person on occasion.”

“He was such a great journalist,” Mr. Buffett added, “but he still knew how to have a good time.”

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