Lovemarks is my Lovemark


After reading Kevin Roberts‘ “Lovemarks: the future beyond brands” from cover to cover, I can now say that I totally love the book. Instead of using the format that I used for reviewing the first half of the book, I am taking a different approach.

I am going to tell you what I love most about the book as a whole. I love the book’s many real world examples and very insightful stories like – La Sala Sunka, New Coke, Olay, Lexus, Brahma, Cheerios, Tide, Old El Paso, Technics, Mary Quant, Guinness, Virgin, Toyota’s Camry, Lovemarks’ own Love/Respect Axis story, etc. etc. !!! I have enjoyed learning so much from these real world examples where Kevin so effortlessly sprinkles into the book (here are a few sample pages, including a bit on Sunka). The stories are just so inspirational. In fact, Kevin has a chapter talking about Inspirational Consumers. Businesses that failed to listen to their Inspirational Consumers will have lost a true opportunity to grow and excel.

Is this a perfect book? Of course not! It is like asking if Lexus is a perfect car! For example, in my humble opinion, the chinese translation on pg 24 of the book is wrong. And there are few pages here and there that read a bit too dry and felt somewhat out of step with the quality in the rest of the book. But like Lexus, the name of the game is “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence”! And I think Kevin can proudly say that he did it with grace, joy and love!

So is “Lovemarks: the future beyond brands” a book that I love and treasure? Absolutely! If imitation is indeed the best form of flattery, then I can tell you the following. I intend to give my best Lovemarks treatment for all my current & future clients and business partners who are ready and can use some Love.

P.S. As a side story, I was totally surprised to read the story of David Irvine-Halliday at the end of Lovemarks. I was surprised because I actually contacted Dave a few weeks ago. I emailed Dave to find out more information about his upcoming Nov 29th talk at the University of Calgary about his Light Up The World Foundation (LUTW). According to the LUTW’s official website, LUTW is the first humanitarian organization to utilize renewable energy and solid-state lighting technologies to bring affordable, safe, healthy, efficient, and environmentally responsible illumination to people who do not have access to power for adequate lighting. With LUTW, it is literally — Let there be light !

P.P.S. By the way, Lovemarks’ website was extensively redesigned. The site looks great and works well as a tool to collect consumers’ feedback and collect data. And you can even add, vote and comment on existing Lovemarks or submit your own personal Lovemarks!

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