Red Wine & Mice / Andy Grove / Jack & Suzy Welch

Interesting claim on Red Wine in mice studies (remember, this is still mice studies and not human studies). Insights from Andy Grove, and Jack & Suzy Welch. Another intersting show from Charlie Rose. Here are segment descriptions by Charlie,

  • Segment 1: David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School talks about his research on the effect of red wine on mice. Also, Nicholas Wade of … all » The New York Times who wrote an article about the study. (Kempton: Do watch first before jumping to any conclusion. As David pointed out, the equivalent human dosage is over a 100 glasses of wine per day!)
  • Segment 2: Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, and Richard Tedlow, author of “Andy Grove: The Life and Times of an American“. (Kempton: Andy Grove said this, “His [Richard’s] knowledge of my life is more complete than my knowledge of my life. Business life. It is a very strange feeling.”)
  • Segment 3: Jack & Suzy Welch, co-authors of “Winning: The Answers“. (Kempton: The discussion started with a decision of Welch and a group of investors potentially buying the Boston Globe. Both Jack and Suzy are very insightful.)

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