Television is dead? – The BBC1 Boss responds.

All these interesting discussions started from Jeff Jarvis’s Guardian article, “TV is dead; long live reinvented TV“. And after Peter Fincham, the controller — that is, chief programmer and boss — of BBC One, read the article, he decided use his speech to the Royal Television Society to answer Jeff’s critiques.

As in my comment to Jeff’s article, I think BBC is a great institution but I think I might have been thinking too much “BBC can do no wrong” and too much of “CBC should copy BBC” lately. Looks like the good old BBC can be wrong sometime too.
I have now read Peter’s speech in full and also read Jeff’s respond to Peter’s speech twice, I think Jeff has some really strong points. Would love to see if Peter choose to reply or not.

Thinking about it, too bad that Peter doesn’t have a blog (confirmed by quick googling)! And interestingly, I am a bit surprised and shocked when I read that Peter went as far as “debating” with Jeff in his speech in detail while he claimed, “Not sure who Jeff Jarvis is, but he sounds like a man who keeps his nose to the ground.” Hmmm, a quick Google of Jeff Jarvis will easily brings up Jeff’s site and Jeff’s Wikipedia entry. Seems like a simple google search to do …


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