Patent Report 2006 – World Intellectual Property Organization


Thanks to Paul for linking to this interesting 2006 World Patent Report by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Because of my interest in international patents, I am fascinated by section E “Use of the Patent Cooperation Treaty“. Great stuff for the patent geeks out there.

By the way, I recently completed a brief consulting engagement to study the potential biases for the US Courts in deciding patent cases where a foreign entity (e.g. Canadian inventor or company) is in legal dispute with an US entity (US company, US citizens or even the US government). You can draw your own conclusion from this interesting and insightful Cornell Law School legal research paper by Professors Kevin M. Clermont and Theodore Eisenberg. These two professors have years of experiences in this area of legal study and they have collected a most impressive legal cases database (containing 5 million federal district-court civil cases) to support their research and for the public to use. Thanks a lot to Professors Kevin M. Clermont and Theodore Eisenberg.

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