YouGooTube – Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion


Oct 11 Update:Google-YouTube Sends `Wake-Up Call’ to Yahoo, Microsoft’s MSN“, Bloomberg


Well, Google has acquired YouTube with $1.65 billion in stock. I waited for a little while after the news was announced yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t ready to blog until I see something. What was I waiting for? I was waiting for the following YouTube video. Here is the video of the two YouTube founders talking about the Google acquisition in their “YouTube” way!

(Note: On Aug 21, 2006, I blogged about Charlie Rose’s 20 minutes interview with YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen which you can read and watch more here.)

So far, I haven’t seen Eric, Larry nor Sergey appearing on YouTube yet, may be they won’t. But it will be cool if they do. Because, ultimately, it will show that the Google gang really understand the culture of what they just bought into with their $1.65 billion worth of stocks.

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P.S. I love my “YouGooTube” as oppose to the “GooTube” that many people seem to be using. This serves as a reminder to myself that the “You” in “YouTube” should never ever be forgotten. The people, the “You”s, are what defines the business. Fortunately, I think the brand (or better, Lovemark) of YouTube will for sure be staying. It will truely be crazy if Google decides to change this wonderful Lovemark that is YouTube.

P.P.S. So far, as of 9:11 MST, there are precisely (verified by Google) that no one in the web nor news media has used the term “YouGooTube” and only Michael and I had used this term in the whole blogsphere. And Michael beat me by less than an hour! Oh that hurts! (smile) Mind you, this can also mean we both are reaaaaaaaly off the mark. (bigger smile)

P.P.P.S. It is important, as others have noticed, that Google has broken through the Not Invented Here syndrome in a $1.65 billion kind of way. Mind you, I think Google has bought some other companies in smaller scale before. But this may be the first time that Google has bought something that it has developed and also tried to break through. Great job. A companyy that isn’t worry about the good old Not Invented Here syndrome is a much stronger company and more powerful competitor.


2 Responses to YouGooTube – Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for the props! I love the term YouGooTube.
    The squatters have already moved in, has already been registered!!

    MH. :)
    Hi Michael,

    Yeah, I am not surprised that some squatters are in for the fun factor or for their own website or something. Of course, YouTube will always stay as YouTube.


  2. […] Putting my “producers’ hat” on for a moment, I suspect CBC put this in so that Kevin’s harshness can be “balanced” by Scotty’s direct and to-the-point criticism of Kevin’s investment record and the importance of Kevin’s wonderful $3+ billion deal with Mattel. Witness YouTube’s $1.65 billion deal, you don’t need too many deals like that to get established, do you? (smile) On that scale, one deal is good enough. […]

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