2006 CIFF Day 8 – Sept 29th


Here are some nice films and my choices today,

Friday, Sep. 29, 3:00 pm Working Man’s Death

(Note: I really wish I could watch this. But I am the designated airport pick-up man today.)

Friday, Sep. 29, 6:45 pm Manufactured Landscapes

(Note: I am watching this one because I probably won’t be able to rent it.)

Friday, Sep. 29, 6:30 pm Grain In Ear (Mang zhong)

(As I can’t watch two films at one time, I will try to watch this one on DVD later.)

Friday, Sep. 29, 8:45 pm Sneakers/Viktor & Rolf: Because We’re Worth It: Double Feature(Sneakers, Viktor & Rolf: Because We’re Worth It)


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