Early look of CBC Dragons’ Den … they’re real cool, and they’re spectacular.

Oct 4th update: Now season 1 episode 1 of CBC’s Dragons’ Den has aired, I just want to say again, I love the show. And I can now blog all I want and give episode #1 a full analysis. You can read my full analysis of episode #1 here. And I have also been fighting some Dragons’ Den fires here and a seriously negative and inaccurate review of Dragons’ Den here (see if you agree).


By now, you probably know that I first saw the UK BBC version of Dragons’ Den three months ago and I felt in love with it right on the spot. You can read about my experience in this July 29th blog entry for more of that history and my love of Dragons’ Den in my posts here.

Now, more than three months after my initial exposure to BBC’s Dragons’ Den, I have some great Canadian news to report. I was honoured to be given an advance bloggers’ look of CBC’s take of Dragons’ Den with Canadian entrepreneurs.

And CBC’s DD looks real cool and it looks spectacular! (paraphrasing a 90s sitcom)

Not to spoil the fun for you, I will not talk about the pitchers’ names or projects, nor tell you the results. You’ve to watch the show on CBC, 8PM Wednesday Oct 4th.

Here are my take of the show without any spoilers,

– The introduction clip looks really cool. And I am starting to like the black Caddy even though I am much more of a Lexus man.

– I love the energy in the introductions of the dragons. Oh, they are all so cool.

– Dianne is a great and trusted business show host in Canada and she is so natural in her role in Dragons’ Den. Dianne is already putting her own style and stamp on the show.

– The Canadian entrepreneurs all have very different businesses to pitch and they each pitch and present quite differently when they face the dragons.

– The interaction and back and forth between the dragons and entrepreneurs were engaging, exciting, fun and quite educational at the same time. Afterall, we are seeing the dragons making “live” decision with their own money and the entrepreneurs making “live” decisions that can affect their own business for real.

– By the way, I love the theme song choosen. It just sounds great.

– My two suggestions to improve the show at the moment is to,

1) use the show’s theme song a lot more between pitches by the entrepreneurs, and

2) reduce the extensive use of drums and other music while the entrepreneurs are pitching (no music is better. This will allow the viewers to focus on the words being said by the dragons and the entrepreneurs).

This is the first CBC’s Dragons’ Den and it looks really great and I really love it.

Do we have a great show on hand? Absolutely!

Can the show be made better? Yes, I think so. After all, this is just the first episode.

Now, with a great show in hand. Let’s hope the Canadian public will love and enjoy CBC’s Dragons’ Den as much as Britons have enjoyed the BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

When a show is entertaining, engaging to watch, has lots of money to be potentially invested and it can help us make more money by helping us becoming more entrepreneurial and being our own bosses, what more can we ask for?

Again, my take on the first episode of the first season of CBC Dragons’ Den is — it is real cool, and it is spectacular!

Much thanks go to the whole Dragons’ Den production team at CBC. Love you guys. What a great job that you did.

See you at CBC Dragons’ Den starting at 8pm, Wednesday Oct 4th on CBC.

Note: come back to this site for full analysis of all the pitches right after the show airs .


7 Responses to Early look of CBC Dragons’ Den … they’re real cool, and they’re spectacular.

  1. nicmitham says:

    hey kempton,
    the show has been a big hit in the uk…now in (i think) its third season. it’s losing a bit of its appeal now though – the quality of the ideas is slowing starting to erode. this is in my opinion because all of the great ideas are seen by vc’s a long time before they get through to the show. but enjoy it all the same!
    it’ll be interesting to compare the types of ideas presented in the uk vs. canada.
    Hello Nic,
    Thanks for your comments and your view of the quality of the ideas in the BBC’s DD. I have now watched all eight episodes of the Season 3 BBC DD plus the “one-year-later-where-are-they-now” episode. IMHO, UK DD is still very fresh and very exciting for me to watch.
    I am also very interested in seeing the quality of the ideas presented in Canada vs UK. As an aside, I am in touch with some entrepreneurs in Canada (specifically Calgary) and see if my skill set can be of assistance to them. So far it is going pretty good.

  2. […] Oct 2, 2006 update: I’ve been invited to screen CBC’s Dragons’ Den early before it air date. I think the show looks great and here is my blog entry, Early look of CBC Dragons’ Den … they’re real cool, and they’re spectacular. […]

  3. Kitty says:

    I watched CBC’s Dragon’s Den last night! It was hilarious. the comments were witty.
    Thanks for writing to John from Globe & Mail about giving such a negative feedback BEFORE the rest of us got to watch it. booo to G&M.
    Regardless, I’ll deinitely be watching again.
    I’ve been reading up on CBC’s dragon’s den in the newspaper (toronto star, metro) and online and there’s quite a buzz around these guys in orange ties. Apparently they run a site called http://www.jobloft.com. I happened to see a little clip of them at the end of Episode #1.
    I’ll defintiely be looking out for them next week……!

    Dear Kitty,

    Thanks for your feedback. I can’t speak for the Dragons’ Den crew but I am sure they appreciate hearing you enjoyed yourself.

    Yeah, it is rather unfortunate that John from Globe & Mail decided to spoil the show for us. Mind you, it is his right to say bad things about the show, what I don’t appreciate are false remarks based on bad facts. Plus the fact the he gave too many spoilers.

    Yes, I have heard about the guys in the orange ties too. My prior research shows that they seem to be a promising group. Love their business concept and acumen. I will look out for them too. (smile)

    Keep watching and do tell your friends and families to watch too.


  4. Nancy says:

    ‘Just wanted to add my two cents having seen the show for the first time on Wednesday evening and NOT having been tainted by any negative reviews.
    It is Excellent! While I felt that some of the Dragons were a tad on the closed-minded side, the show was very engaging, thought-provoking and REAL!
    I really appreciate the fact that it is Canadian-based and showcasing some neat ideas. I do hope that there will be some presenters from Quebec so that this will truly be a cross-Canada show.
    The show also has a educational side to it, demonstrating the what-to-do and what-not-to-do aspects for would-be-entrepreneurs when seeking captial. There is as much to be learned from the polished entrepreneurs as there is from the sarcastic and ill-prepared ones.
    Well done to all, and I will definately be tuned it for the next episode!
    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for your comments and feedback.

    I am so happy to hear you found “the show was very engaging, thought-provoking and REAL”. This is precisely what I hope for people to feel from the show. These are all REAL entrepreneurs all trying their best to present their businesses.

    I think we only have a slight disagreement on the use of words “the Dragons were a tad on the closed-minded side”. I think the Dragons were “conservative” and erred on the safe sides of things. You see, we were watching the Dragons seeing the products for the first time. And they only had what they knew from their own life-experience to go by and they don’t have Google to do research before they put their money in. So I think they are being “conservative” as opposed to “closed-minded”. But how you felt was very valid and many people may feel the same too.

    CBC for sure auditioned entrepreneurs from across Canada and definitely including Quebec. But at the end, the business ideas have to be good or they have to illustrate something to deserve to be on TV. I personally hope there will be someone from Quebec too. I am one of those Canadians that believe multi-culturalism is what makes Canada strong — our English-speaking Canadians, our French-speaking Canadians and Canadians that speak other mother-tongues. All of us together make us whole and strong and free. (sorry, I digress)

    I completely agree with you on the “educational side” of Dragons’ Den. This is one great show that entertains and teach at the same time. Reminding me of many of the great professors that I had in universities. They were all serious scholars but their classes were a ton of fun to attend and I’ve learned so much. I still remember the Prof. J. B. Gilmore told our Psychology 100 class to make a paper airplane and flew it. There were over 600 paper airplanes flying in the University of Toronto’s convocation hall !! Wow, what a great prof. (Note: There were students flying paper airplanes down the lecture hall (which was the convocation hall because of the popularity of the class) and that was disruptive to the class. So Prof. Gilmore release all our sillyness by that one act. Great man.)

    Nancy, hope you enjoy the next episode as well. I am previewing it right now, one-third way through, it looks great.

    Please tell your friends to watch too.


  5. Glenn says:

    I have been searching around, you mentioned the theme song, do you know what it is? (title)
    Hi Glenn,

    The theme song is called “Put your money where you mouth is” by Oasis. Check out this entry by Sean Wise for more information. He even has a link to iTune where you can have a listen of the song.

    Have fun,

  6. Russ says:

    Hello, hoping you can help me. Looking for the name of the tune in the TV Ad for Dragon’s Den (I am NOT looking for the name of theme song).

    Sorry Russ, can’t help you as I don’t know what is the name of the tune.


  7. Glenn says:

    On CBC tv they have an ad running with music that sounds distinctly different from the theme song, the song playing in the ad was the music I was looking for. It could possibly be the intro to the Oasis song (I have only heard a small part) but I think it is something else.

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