Sisomo – Sight, Sound and Motion


First of all, let me share some of my mostly wonderful sisomo (SIght, SOund and MOtion) experiences with you. (Note: some of these are Lexus ads that you *want* to watch. They are that good.) I used “mostly” because I love these video clips (click on Video),

  • Lexus IS Mosaic (Oh, this is so much fun. Watch carefully what S&S is doing. And they are so great here – from ideas to planning to execution, looks flawless to me from the outside.)
  • The Science of Desire – Chocolate (a mini doc about Chocolate) [Note: By the way, Calgary has an award winning Belgium chocolatier in Bernard Callebaut!]
  • The Science of Desire – Champagne (a mini doc about Champagne)
  • The Future With Screen (a ton of cool ideas here)

and I just don’t like (ok, hate. sorry, not my cup of tea) these two entries (judge for yourself)

  • Folgers Happy Mornings
  • Toyota Yaris Breadstick

As you probably know by now, I am a big fan of Kevin Roberts and his Lovemarks ideas. Having said that, Sisomo is a newly defined word. It is not quite near as “articulated” or may be “well-formed” as Lovemarks as an idea/concept yet. I used “yet” because I hate to under-estimate the “Kevin magic” factor. :) And the fact that I am also seeing improvements in the new sisomo compare to the sisomo I saw a few months ago. So there may still be some hope. Plus I haven’t finished exploring sisomo yet.

To keep things grounded in good analysis, take a look of University of Pennsylvania linguist Benjamin Zimmer’s insightful blog entry (with many good references) “Does sisomo have sisomomentum?” I think Benjamin is much more pessimistic in the future of sisomo than me. I am sure I will post some more about Sisomo and Lovemarks later.

3 Responses to Sisomo – Sight, Sound and Motion

  1. jlambie says:

    Oh I am so lost in the Chocolate reference link… :)
    After clarification, I’m happy to hear you’ve been happily “lost” in Bernard’s Chocolate site.
    – Kempton

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  3. […] Callebaut is a loved brand/Lovemark of mine. I wrote this in 2006, and here is an excerpt from a 2007 article, My personal Lovemarks in chocolate are See’s […]

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