Patent troll – the need for US patent reform

I started paying attention to patent troll as a topic when I realized NTP was basically robbing US$612.5 million from Research In Motion. Here is Mitch Kapor’s take on the NTP vs RIM case. And here is an April 16, 2006 New York Times story “In Silicon Valley, a Man Without a Patent“, by John Maroff that talks about possibly the real inventor here. By the way, I have some trouble with Wikipedia’s Patent troll definition and Patent troll main heading as these definitions include more that what I wish to include. So I am using the term in a much stricter and narrower sense here.

Anyway, I was very happy that Sun’s General Counsel Mike Dillon decided to share his insight with his readers on the need for patent reform in this post.

And it is nice to know that the US judiciary seems to be moving in the right direction in cases like eBay v. MercExchange. And hopefully the US legislative branch is going to come up with some meaningful reform of the seriously out-of-date patent law soon.

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  1. […] The US patent system is showing the need for immediate reform again. Judging by its past history, NTP’s filing of a patent suit against Palm may have a deep and dark effect on true IP innovators/creators from around the world. It is too early to tell if NTP is being its old “patent-troll” self again as in the Research In Motion case. Will see. Following are reports from different sources, […]

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