VoIP over WiFi

(pix source: New York Times)
(Originally posted on July 30, 2006)

Tom Evslin bought up this interesting New York Times (NYT) article “The Wi-Fi in Your Handset” (this is the above image in clearer form) and takes the very optimistic view that “VoIP Over WiFi WILL Disrupt the Cellular Industry“. Then Tom shows us an opposing view expressed by Om Malik. Om, based on his own experience, points out all of the things that are wrong with voice over WiFi today. For me personally, I see all sorts of potential problems with VoIP over WiFi and I lean more towards the view expressed by Om about voice over WiFi.

Three years ago, I performed a general competitive landscape analysis of four key Canadian Wi-Fi Internet services providers at the time (FatPort, Spotnik Mobile, BOLDstreet and BWireless). And a quick check of them today, three still have active servicing website and only Spotnik Mobile seems to be gone now. So for me, this NYT article and the discussions by Tom and Om are all very interesting. And I will definitely keep an eye of these new developments.

28 Aug, 2015 Update: With 20/20 hindsight, I was wrong. Hello  WhatsApp! Need I say more? :)


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