My fascination with law

(Originally posted on July 31, 2006)

I am not a lawyer but I have always been fascinated by law and interesting court cases (especially Supreme Court of Canada cases).

One time, I was stupid, naive and angry enough to call up my MLA (who is a lawyer and a QC) to lecture him on the implication of the notwithstanding clause in the Canadian Charter. I mentioned that he and the government will face at least one election before renewing the use of the clause. I was so happy later when the government quickly yield to pressure from outraged citizens and do the right thing for the victims of Alberta’s former Sexual Sterilization Act. Here is a piece on this story from the University of Alberta.

Last year, I was so honoured to attend a lecture by the leading Canadian constitutional expert Prof. Peter Hogg at U of Calgary. Prof. Hogg gave an engaging and insightful lecture about section 15 of the Charter. If you are interested here are two articles written in this issue of U of A Faculty of Law Students’ Newspaper (1)”Peter Hoggon s.15 ofthe Charter:“It’s just a grunt”” and (2) “A Right to Private Healthcare?” (PDF file).

Do all these make me a little bit qualified to speak about law? Absolutely not! But then I have never let the lack of knowledge or qualification stop me from expressing an opinion. :)

Incidentally, if you are wondering how does law relate to businesses or entrepreneurs? Well, all the contracts, trademarks, patents and copyrights, etc, are all governed by laws.

This is not a promise but I may, in future blogs, talk about trademarks confusion and fair dealing in copyright law. Stay tune.


Dec 29th, 2007 Update: When I wrote this entry in July 31, 2006, I would never thought in a million years that I will be involved and be part of a great movement to try to positively change Copyright law in Canada (including the fair dealing provisions). Is it really a case of “chances favoured the prepared minds”? Who knows.

20161103 reference notes:

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