Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒 and Charatay 格勒底

Sunday, 10 July, 2011

三人行 - Yoyo - pix 01

I am slow and just discovered the cool sound of Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒 (Facebook) (her website) and her accapella group Charatay (格勒底, the six members are 岑寧兒、陳詠謙、張傑邦、梁仰詩、洪豐盈、袁慧妍) (Facebook). You can find out more about her music by joining her Facebook group and check out Charatay. [HT Eva]

At the moment, I love her best in her part of 三人行 – 重編新唱版本.

Here are some other songs to check out from a quick YouTube search of her name Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒 and also from the Charatay Bong’s YouTube channel.

Hill Cheung 10 Years (re-edit ) (May 2010)

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Virtual Prisoner’s Life in Freedom City, China

Monday, 27 June, 2011

From CNN, “Chinese activist Hu promises parents he will be ‘careful’ in future

“In a phone call to CNN affiliate iCable News in Hong Kong on Sunday, Hu [Jia] said his parents had asked him to not clash with the system.

“Once I saw my family, I understood how much I owe them, especially my parents, my wife and my kid. I realize I’ve done nothing for them. There is a Chinese saying that ‘patriotism and filial piety don’t go hand in hand,'” he said in the phone call.

“They told me to be a good citizen and don’t clash with the system. This system is very brutal. It uses government’s power to violate people’s dignity. I can only tell my parents, I will be careful.”

[…] “Hu Jia told me that he won’t change, and police told him they may put him under house arrest in that case,” she said. “I’m prepared for it.”

“As long as there’s no democracy or the rule of law in China, our situation won’t change at all.”

Last year’s Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo, also a rights activist, was convicted of the same crime as Hu. Liu is still serving an 11-year jail term.”

我的名字叫鄺嘉豪、陳詠妍 – ‪蘋果延伸‬ “‪你死你事‬”、”仗義欺寧弱小”‪精神

Sunday, 10 April, 2011


“‪蘋果日報法庭‬記者,英勇拍攝口交男女生法庭外逃跑情況,捍衛凌駕於三權之上的‪蘋果公審‬/羞恥‪權‬‬。延伸‪蘋果‬ “‪你死你事‬”、”仗義欺寧弱小”‪精神‬”

“蘋果‪法庭‬編輯/記者 捍衛”‪你死你事‬”精神 公審口交男女生”

讀/看完4月9日蘋果法庭”男女生照口交“新聞及互動片段(見下)之後,心中悲痛。早前我在““自殺獲救”娛樂化: 新聞自由=你死你事?”一文中我問,


報告法庭新聞本應非常重要,但一件簡單法院案件有須要窮追當事人嗎?真的有須要仗勢(報館的鏡頭)欺寧弱小,拍攝案中男女在法庭外逃跑,避開鏡頭的情況嗎?有須要將案件動畫化,加上抵死對白及攪笑音樂,將一件控方同意撤銷控罪,改以簽保守行為方式處理,裁判官頒令兩人自簽 1,000元,守行為 12個月的案件,放大萬倍嗎?有考慮到法庭已經給了他們法制下應得的懲罰嗎?‪我想知道,蘋果從‬何時開始得到‪凌駕於三權‬(行政,立法,司法)‪之上的蘋果公審/羞恥權?‬



P.S. 與‪蘋果日報相比,明報專訊(見下)的報導,因為沒有的互動片段,則比較溫和。另見東方報導

繁忙時間 港鐵銅鑼灣站梯間 警巡過 男女生照口交 – 2011年04月09日
瀏覽人次:101,600 Facebook Twitter 轉寄朋友

【本報訊】人流如鯽的港鐵銅鑼灣站,一對年輕男女學生,公然於傍晚時分在樓梯間卿卿我我。有巡警覺得可疑曾上前查問,惟二人待巡警走後,留在原位,就地口交。巡警透過廣角鏡窺探,發現二人淫行,現身拘捕時,男生露出勃起的陽具。涉案學生本被控有違公德罪開審,昨在東區裁判法院獲准簽保守行為,不留案底。 記者:楊家樂

事發今年 2月 6日年初四晚上 6時半, 19歲女學生陳詠妍及 22歲男學生鄺嘉豪,處身港鐵銅鑼灣站內連接月台及車站大堂的 B4號樓梯。當時陳女坐在地上,上半身倚靠在男方的小腿位置。一名隸屬鐵路警區的警員巡經該處,見狀上前查問兩人是否不適,他們否認。
巡警懷疑他們有違法勾當,遂假裝離去,步向上層樓梯轉角位,透過牆上廣角鏡繼續監視。只見兩人維持相同姿勢 4至 5分鐘,巡警遂靠近觀察,赫然發現陳女將頭埋在男方兩條大腿之間,頭部上下左右移動。
巡警見狀,走到兩人背後,叫陳女站起,陳女照做,此時巡警看見鄺的褲子拉鏈全開,勃起的陽具展現眼前。巡警立即拘捕兩人,警誡下,陳女承認犯案出於一時衝動,鄺則指陳女自願替他口交。 Read the rest of this entry »

Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film

Sunday, 10 April, 2011

Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film.

Where is Ai Weiwei? 尋人啓事:艾未未

Wednesday, 6 April, 2011


* CNN, “Where is Ai Weiwei”

* Bloomberg, “Arrest of Artist Ai Weiwei Prompts Germany to Summon Chinese Ambassador”

* Bloomberg, “Ai Weiwei Probed for ‘Economic Crimes’ by China as Global Backlash Mounts”

* Guardian, “Ai Weiwei is investigated by Chinese police for ‘economic crimes'”

* BBC, “Chinese artist Ai Weiwei held for ‘economic crimes'”

* Slate, “Has China Decided to Declare Ai Weiwei a Criminal?”

趙連海:以死抗爭 (with video)


April 8th update:

* Vancouver Sun, “The smell of jasmine strikes fear in China’s leadership – Seasoned watchers say this is the most intense drive against dissent by the authorities over the past 15 years

* CNN News with video, “Chinese artist Ai Weiwei: Economic criminal?

* CNN, “Ai arrest highlights China’s crackdown

* The Huffington Post, “Free Ai Weiwei

* Guardian, “Ai Weiwei detention nothing to do with freedom of expression, says China – Foreign ministry removes all references to detained artist from official transcript of news conference and claims he is being investigated for economic crimes

“The Chinese government has removed references to Ai Weiwei from its official transcript of a news conference. Ten of the 18 questions at the briefing on Thursday concerned the prominent activist, who was detained on Sunday at Beijing airport. All were omitted from the transcript posted on Friday on the foreign ministry’s website.

A spokesman for the department, Hong Lei, said Ai was being investigated for economic crimes, but gave no details. He added that the inquiry had nothing to do with freedom of expression, although the artist has often been targeted by the government. “China is a country under the rule of law, and relevant authorities will work according to law,” he said.”


April 7 update:

* The Guardian, “Ai Weiwei’s family denounce ‘absurd’ economic crimes investigation”

* The Telegraph, “Ai Weiwei’s family speak out against investigation”

Lu Qing, Mr Ai’s wife, said that while no one had expected the arrest, Mr Ai had a “bad feeling” in the week preceding the arrest, especially after multiple visits by the police to the family home. She said a further 40 to 50 policemen had combed the house since last Sunday, taking away computers and money.

“I never expected things would get this bad,” she said. “I have been on the phone to the authorities non-stop since Sunday and no one has been able to say a single word about what is going on,” she added.

Ai has high blood pressure and diabetes. I’m seriously concerned for his health, and about whether anyone is giving him his medicine. His mother has also been very unstable these last few days, and she also has high blood pressure,” she said.

Mr Ai, whose 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds are currently filling the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern gallery in London, is thought to earn a substantial living from his art. Next month, an installation by Mr Ai will be mounted outside the Plaza hotel in New York, before then travelling to Somerset House in London.

In the past, the Chinese authorities have pursued government critics like Mr Ai for alleged tax violations or other non-political crimes.”

* ABC News, “Potential 2012 Presidential Contender Amb. Jon Huntsman Criticizes China’s Human Rights Record In ‘Farewell’ Speech”

United States Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman delivered a “farewell” speech in Shanghai on Wednesday and he “commended Liu, Ai and others like them who “challenge the Chinese government to serve the public in all cases and at all times.”

“By speaking out candidly,” he noted, “we hope eventually to narrow and bridge this critical gap and move our relationship forward.””

* BBC News, Profile: Ai Weiwei

* Wall Street Journal blog, “Huntsman Suggests Change Needed in Beijing, Not Washington”

* The Diplomat, “Ai Weiwei and ‘Economic Crimes’”

Remarks by Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman Jr.at the Barnett-Oksenberg Lecture

Who is Afraid of Ai Weiwei? Lessons for Canadians #elxn41

Sunday, 3 April, 2011

April 3, 2011: Ai Weiwei detained by Chinese gov.

Guardian, “The 53-year-old [Ai Weiwei] remains uncontactable more than 12 hours after officials held him at the capital’s airport. […] His detention comes amid what human rights campaigners have described as the harshest crackdown on activists and dissidents in over a decade.

The Telegraph, “Ai Weiwei stopped from leaving China

The New Yorker by Evan Osnos, “Ai Weiwei Detained” – Highly recommended article.

Have a watch of the full PBS Frontline documentary: “Who is Afraid of Ai Weiwei?

“All of a sudden, these people who’b been standing on the sidewalk, milling around doing things, turned out to be people who had come to have dinner with him [Ai Weiwei]. And everybody there knew that, by simply eating dinner there, it was an act of defiance.”

P.S. When I saw Ai Weiwei willing to risk his life in “Who is Afraid of Ai Weiwei?” in order to fight for a better China, I am ashamed of the low voters’ turnout in Canada. It pains me to see my fellow Canadians, young Canadians, adult Canadians, born with the rights to vote easily giving up their rights/privilege to vote and ignoring their duty to vote in elections.

Happy Chinese New Year of Rabbit !

Thursday, 3 February, 2011

Wishing you all a healthy & prosperous year of Rabbit !

祝大家 身體健康 心想事成 新年快樂 如意吉祥 !

P.S. Some pictures of Chinese new year celebrations from around the world.


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